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Hangzhou Hainan Airlines international flights in winter visitors travel to e
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The author from Hainan Airlines (Hainan Airlines Company Limited, referred to as "HNA") learned of Hangzhou Sales, effective immediately, Hangzhou, Hainan Airlines passengers traveling on international flights will be able to enjoy special offers . Hainan Airlines has four daily flights early in the evening from Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport to Beijing, from Hangzhou to Beijing in the go to Cairo, Toronto, Brussels and other international city is very convenient, one-way domestic segments of Hangzhou to Beijing Only pay 200 yuan, from only 400 yuan, while the International Union way to enjoy the special price tickets sectors: Beijing - Toronto Christmas 2880 promotional price of one-way yuan, from 3,880 yuan; Beijing - Brussels, on Sea - Brussels, Beijing - Berlin, Beijing - Budapest from 3500 yuan; Beijing - Moscow 2000 yuan one-way, from 2600 yuan. In addition, Hangzhou - Bangkok 1400 yuan one-way nonstop flights and from 2100 and up. All prices are excluding airport charges, fuel surcharges and taxes, because of the special fares for each flight into a limited number of proposals to purchase travel plans of passengers in advance.