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51 leave the country travel expense style is smooth Thailand special offer swims
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With photograph of the corresponding period was compared last year, 51 holiday leave the country this year travel expense style is smooth, eliminate line of partial bargain price, common line and give travel expense case to keep balance on the weekend at ordinary times, but than last year petty gain of 51 golden weeks is not little. Current, airline ticket price is occupied leave the country swim the halve of cost comes 5 into, compared to the same period last year 51, airline is in 3 days of little shift length a holiday are low this year the price. Especially long term number of go on a journey decreased apparently last year compared to the same period, the price falls bigger. Price of short line respect may Bipingrilue is tall. Respect of special offer line, partial Thailand special offer swims circuit needs 1000 yuan or so only, fall amount to 4 into.

Travel agent is get used to 3 Tian Xiaochang holidays, leave the country line added one ground deepness accordingly to swim content, capture essence, reduce the travel 3~5 day. Southeast Asia circuitry connects a line 5 days to swim except convention new horse outside the product, island swims to lift along with air temperature and hot, besides island of auspicious of Maldives, cloth, Sha Ba bank of island, Lankawei, Ba is elegant outside waiting for island, still added line of the beach such as island of Philippine carat gram, long beach, island. In the meantime, peaceful wire of day of class of Pacific Ocean a place of strategic importance also is given priority to with 5~6 day, the price and island of general southeast Asia are pure price enjoying a group comparatives or slightly tall, under Maldives case of luxurious travel expense, make another window. In addition, 5 days of culture of hole of Kampuchea Wu Ge explore the journey, the brigade of 5 days of cate of Vietnam is eye-catching also. Travel agent returned pair of day Han lines and Australian circuitry to do relatively major key is whole. Japanese line became much of many 5~6 days 4 fly new product. Like Tokyo Hokkaido couplet swims 4 fly 5 days, the price makes an appointment with 9000 yuan, not less than Spring Festival petty gain. Australia swims besides the panoramic couplet of 7~12 day besides circuit, still added 5~6 day swim to 3 ground elite, earth up with Sydney, can pull, Melbourne 3 fly 6 days to be a delegate.

51 small long holidays swim to area of HongKong and Macow and passenger liner swims generation front influence. Hong Kong marine park and Dishinile are in field 51 during increased many thematic activities, count a passenger liner to garrison Hong Kong from time to tome together. Additional, the change of business affairs circuitry such as Africa of Europe and America, middle east is not big. European line added hamster couplet to swim circuit and passenger liner circuitry. America line is 9~15 day more, the price still costly