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51 golden weeks will greet height of the passenger flow before the section to de
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From Shenzhen airline understanding arrives, as " 51 " the drawing near of the golden week, before the sale of ticket of nearly two nature's mystery reached a red-letter day highest peak, today (30 days) wide, deep only then the travel of partial short distance that delivers line, visit one's family the airline ticket of course has sold out, "51 " during deep boat increases 100 many flight numbers in all between these course, can satisfy the requirement of a travel of the citizen basically.
A lot of people are afraid " 51 " price of section go on a journey is exorbitant, 95080 call center is having deep boat Director Zhang of experience of ticket of old carry out tells a reporter actually otherwise, came besides Shenzhen 30 that day for example big talk, 3 inferior, besides the heat travel course such as Guilin, Kunming, Li Jiang, the course of traditional business affairs such as Beijing, Shanghai still has 5 to lose right-and-left airline ticket, shenzhen is folded in 5-6 to the airline ticket of the travel course such as Chengdu, Qingdao between. So, want escape to give the city of a height only, heading for and other places of Shandong, Sichuan to travel also is a right choice.

Additional, the passenger often can pay close attention to the website of Shenzhen airline, newest favourable information can be updated above in time, deep boat is for instance new course of enlightened island of emperor of Shenzhen the Qin Dynasty, on April 28, on May 1, the special offer airline ticket that before a few airliners May 5 have 3-4 to fold. The scenery of island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty the beautiful, car Cheng that also has 3 hours only from capital Beijing, can make the new choice that Shenzhen citizen self-help swims.

In managing defray respect, director Zhang of 95080 still tells a reporter, did not forget deep boat " charity of special offer airline ticket goes " " 1 99 " yuan airline ticket is applicable still during the golden week, because deep boat is certain " love does not have time limit " , if passenger friends think,acquire 100 yuan of airline ticket so while the love that gives oneself, the website that can pay close attention to Shenzhen airline -- " charity of special offer airline ticket goes " column.

Additional, on the choice of the means that buy a ticket, passenger friend logs onto deep boat website to undertake online order ticket and pay, can enjoy additional the price of 3% is favourable. "51 " after the section passes, everybody still can choose to use deep boat " 100 E100 send " acting gold certificate is touched deduct money of bill of bill of partial deep flight.