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Price of 51 go on a journey falls compared to the same period two into
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First thin body " 51 " holiday will arrive, the personage inside course of study suggests " raise weak point avoids long "

This year " 51 " holiday is the country adjusts first after communal holiday " thin body " " 51 " , 7 original days of long holidays shorten for 3 days. The special findings that net of the journey that carry Cheng undertakes to exceeding 3000 netizens shows, the netizen of 76% expresses this year " 51 " have go out viatic plan, give travel apiration photograph to rise than tomb-sweeping day nearly 3 into. Reporter from Shenzhen understanding of each big travel agent arrives yesterday, this year " 51 " the route of go on a journey already went heat entirely, product type is much with in short line swims 3 days give priority to. With in former years " 51 " photograph comparing, price of go on a journey is reduced compared to the same period this year nearly two into.

The citizen gives an apiration to rise than tomb-sweeping day 3 into

Will be worth the season that Chun Nuanhua opens in May, press convention of in former years, general meeting is in " 51 " the peak that spring go on a journey reachs during the section. The findings that carry Cheng shows, this year " 51 " , the netizen of nearly 70% plans to have a travel of 1-3 day, with Pure Brightness small golden week keeps balance, the netizen of nearly 10% plans to use year off the stroke that has day or 4 days of 4 above.

On the choice of destination, the netizen of 62% chooses this provincial or this city is circumjacent the area travels. Compare Pure Brightness, in " 51 " during the choice is abroad swim reached home's long term number to increase 10 percent.

The order that carry Cheng shows, carry Cheng " 51 " case of abroad deepness sale is good, a few classical circuitry are like law meaning luck to wait to be early at the beginning of April already sale completes, characteristic circuitry Egypt enlighten do obeisance to 10 days to swim need to increase a seat number in order to satisfy requirement.

Price of go on a journey falls compared to the same period two into

Reporter yesterday from each travel agent understands inside city, this year " 51 " the partial price of go on a journey already went heat, product type is much with in short line is given priority to. This year " 51 swim " price whole relatively last year the corresponding period " shrink " 23 into, than ferial do not rise 10% .

According to deep boat travel home swims ministry article manager introduces, because holiday shortens, what travel agent makes is brand-new the product that high-quality goods circuitry all is 3-4 day, give priority to with circuitry of traditional and classical travel made " 4 Tian Shuangfei character experience lira of Li Jiangxiang case swim " , " Guilin Long Sheng 4 Tian Shuangfei experiences swim " etc 8 brand-new. She discloses say, with in former years " 51 " You Pu goes up different, this year " 51 " home swims to circuit is on the price and did not appear to rise generally, the line that nearly 4 is become " 51 " mark a price to did not go up raise. And the circuit product that rise in price, go up also under the level of the corresponding period last year, be like yellow Shan Shuangfei 4 days to swim, at ordinary times price giving a group is 2980 yuan, this year " 51 " quote of go on a journey is 3380 yuan, and of same last year line " 51 swim " quote is 3980 yuan. Leave the country You Fang face, because do not have long holiday to cooperate go on a journey, the quote of each circuitry and be compared at ordinary times and do not have how old change, and with last year " 51 " photograph of the corresponding period is compared, the price is reduced nearly 15% .
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