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One ticket begs heat of 51 travel tourism hard
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"51 " will come, at present the airline ticket to and other places of Li Jiang, Kunming has tightened Chengdu quite spruce, reporter yesterday from double shed airport know, forecast according to the current condition that order a ticket, be in " 51 " in 3 days of holiday, double the passenger handling capacity that sheds the airport will by make an appointment with 54 thousand person-time at present to add everyday control to 60 thousand person-time, increase about 6000 person-time everyday, fall since the airliner will control than growing 50 sortie everyday at present, amplitude is about 10% . Relevant personage says, this year " 51 " holiday, double the quantity of passenger transport growth that sheds the airport is far not as good as in former years.
According to introducing, "51 " during, double shed the airport to will carry passenger of China and foreign countries 180 thousand much person-time, fall since the airliner will amount to 1400 much sortie, work overtime among them the flight will amount to 25 sortie above, charter flight flight also is controlled in 20 sortie, than growing 10% at ordinary times. During the festival, predict double will main concentration is in a height of travel passenger flow that sheds the airport " 51 " this day, and height of return passenger flow is in concentration 3, 4 appear, number of travel of plain of pass in and out will keep balance basically.

Occupy the personage inside course of study to analyse, although this year " 51 " it is to cancel 7 days to grow a holiday for the first time, execute 3 days of holiday to make, but as a result of " 51 " during go out just about the optimal season of travel, because this seizes the opportunity,go out the number of travel will hold port of whole pass in and out 7 into the left and right sides. Give traveller guest to basically be centered in Beijing, Kunming, southeast on the main city such as coastal, 9 stockaded village, Li Jiang, Guilin and travel heat course, the airline ticket that waits for travel heat course like Li Jiang is current already one ticket is begged hard.

Time of opportunity of the value on Na Hang net shifts to an earlier date

The reporter learns from Na Hang yesterday, the time that Na Hang has to open at latest of scheduled flight of opportunity of the value on the net from May 1 arrived ahead of schedule the airliner takes off before today afternoon 2 when, but the share is special airliner (VIP airliner perhaps deserves to carry the flight number with special balance to wait) professional work of engine of the value on incorrect net is open.

The attune since the day after tomorrow decreases the churchyard austral Dong Hangyun 20 airliners

The reporter learns from management board of southwest civil aviaton yesterday, since April 26, tone decreases Kunming of Inc. of Chinese Oriental aviation to come Li Jiang, medium city of pasture, awn, face dark blue, consider flight number of share of cogongrass, Wen Shan, tone decreases a quantity to be everyday 20 orders. Will rise on May 4, dong Hang still will stop to manage Kunming come double edition accept, Kunming reachs Dali line on the west, line of place suspend air or shipping service by the country cool one's heels of boat, Shenzhen boat is managed. Reporter from the country boat understands, boat already handed in the country specific airliner plan, but had not gotten written reply to a subordinate body.
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