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Exhibition season is over Fuzhou China to Shanghai the lowest 99 per ticket
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The end of the Shanghai World Expo and Guangzhou Asian Games closing, the December discount ticket to enter this year along with the most crazy a time node. Reporter yesterday from the airlines and ticketing agencies informed, Fuzhou flights this month, triple the middle of a large number of tickets as low as two emerging markets. However, as the New Year holiday, Chinese New Year is about to return home after another wave from the end of the year to the Spring Festival, ticket prices will remain at the high price. Where in the ticket Channel, the reporter noted that all the major cities from the country of departure to the tourist destinations are many special fares, especially long-term discounted tickets even larger. Fuzhou starting, for example, special ticket discounts are mostly displayed in two fold. December 17, Fuzhou - Shanghai, the lowest one-way ticket price is only 99 dollars discount up to 1.3 fold, in addition, 5 fold below the one-way ticket is also very large, accounting for more than all the Liucheng, mostly concentrated in the 2 3 fold. December 13, Fuzhou - Beijing, the lowest one-way ticket price of 471 yuan, a discount of 3 fold, 5 fold below the Qicheng cent of all air tickets and more, in addition, all flights that day off in 7 fold less. December 10, Fuzhou - Chengdu 5 one-way ticket off the following accounts for all flights that day's Jiucheng more, the lowest price for 578 yuan, the discount is 3.5 fold.