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Travel city 51 airline ticket 7 fold above
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If 51 before buy 3 inferior, Kunming and other places still can buy lowest the 4 airline ticket that lose, and 51 during the toward these cities airline ticket before buying is in at least 7 fold above.

Yesterday, the reporter is informed from the place such as center of Wu of Chongqing airport ticket, on April 26 ~4 month 30 days, to 3 inferior, the airline ticket lowest of Kunming still can be bought 4 fold, to 3 inferior need 520 yuan only, want 280 yuan only to Kunming (all do not contain the airport to build surtax of cost, fuel) , 51 during buy will rise to at least 7 fold the left and right sides.

In addition, 51 before the airline ticket that buys Guilin, Xi'an can be enjoyed at present 6 lose or so privilege (it is 490 yuan respectively, 420 yuan) , 51 during buy can buy only 8 folding above is total value airline ticket even. If this year 51 during, your selection visits his family to and other places of Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Yinchuan or amuse oneself, shift to an earlier date 7 days to book, return the airline ticket that can buy lowermost 3.5~5 to fold.