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Eastern unanimously by the two verification procedures review of the Civil Avi
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2 to 4 November, chaired by the Secretary for the Civil Aviation Authority airworthiness certification held "Superseder Ⅲ type of rechargeable battery analyzer" and "RD-AX8303-01 type of enhanced regional distribution box, distribution box tester ground" verification procedures review will be held in Shanghai. From China, East China Administration of Civil Aviation Airworthiness Certification Department, Civil Aviation Institute of Science and Technology, Air China, China Southern Airlines, Xiamen Airlines, Xiamen Swire, Technology and Industry for National Defense, commercial flight validation and other measuring and testing of 13 experts attended the scene and to Eastern measuring test center developed the above two verification procedures to start the review. The entire meeting lasted 3 days, the final two Eastern verification procedures adopted by a unanimous vote in favor. These two test procedures is measured by the CEA test center of the technical staff with their years of measurement experience, access to a variety of manufacturers technical information, research the company's actual use, and make a lot of trial, after two years more than compiled. Superseder Ⅲ type battery charger analyzer is aircraft-specific battery test equipment, mainly nickel-cadmium battery charging and analysis; RD-AX8303-01 type of enhanced regional distribution boxes, Enhanced Ground distribution box tester (EADB / EFDBTester), mainly used to detect the RD-AA2002-01, RD-AA2002-02, RD-AA2013-01, RD-AA2013-02, RD-AA2013-03, RD-AA2013-04 Airborne EADB / EFDB (Enhanced regional distribution boxes / Enhanced Ground distribution box) the work of the normal sex. Since both the special tester, national and industry is not unified, standardized, comprehensive, systematic verification method, and in the field of aircraft maintenance and repair is widely used, resulting in the maintenance of enterprise or metrology institutions have no basis. Therefore, the two test procedures development and implementation, will fill the national and industry-specific measurement instruments test in air gaps, as well as improve the quality of aircraft maintenance and to ensure flight safety play an important role.