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Curve of city of Shenzhen aviation spring 51 beg broken
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Have the aid of is new " schedule of Xia Qiuhang class " , deep boat debuts successfully in the spring " fontal city, Hangzhou, Jinan " course, make its are in airport of river of fontal city advance the course with one action of operation achieves 3, market of farther layout Fujian.

This month 8 days, this course holds a boat ceremony ceremoniously in airport of river of fontal city advance, vise general manager of deep boat sale attends a ceremony at Cheng Ji, attend a boat ceremony press conference that holds subsequently.

Yu Chengji expresses, this course will " the triangle austral Fujian " , " long triangle " , " bay of annulus Bohai Sea " circle of 3 old economy passes the ligament in sky to join rise, citizen of city of greatly convenient spring goes out row, "Passenger of the area austral Fujian is driving to aviation demand, dan Quan city has airliner transport power to satisfy requirement hard " .

Not only such, fastigium is sold in the airliner, be like spring carry, 51, 11 etc, fontal city passenger is tremendous to the airliner demand of Hangzhou, Jinan, passenger of partial spring city must " seek far and neglect what lies close at hand " set out from Xiamen, Fuzhou.

The personage inside course of study expresses, of city of spring of deep to this boat " curvilinear layout " , divide effective and evasive blessing, mansion outside the aviation market with two saturated with each passing day ground, its " fontal city, Hangzhou " course already had Xiamen Airline advocate the maturity of field is run and market self-restraint, and its " fontal city, Jinan " course, have certain sense " Balaam " action.

The data shows, already became country the deep boat of group of the 5th big aviation, income exceeded 10 billion yuan 2007, passenger volume exceeds 10 million person-time, plane amount exceeds 70, already built Nanning early or late, mix without Jinan of stannum, Guangzhou, Changzhou, Shenyang, Zhengzhou, Nanjing, Chongqing on the west the 10 base branch such as double edition accept, already finished from the change of airline of a place to national airline.

Yu Chengji still discloses, will with this " fontal city, Hangzhou, Jinan " turning point of line fortune act, increase transport power to put enlightened spring on the city ceaselessly, course of international of part of Japan, Korea, southeast Asia, citizen of city of farther contented spring runs requirement.