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The female before March 20 buys airline ticket to be able to win privilege
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"38 " section drawing near, many female friends begin a plan to go out go vacationing loosen. The reporter will learn from business ministry of Na Hang Guangzhou on Feburary 24, arrive since this day on March 20, boat Guangzhou business ministry rolls out a female to reach south with passenger of female person of the same trade (the number is not restricted) the activity that buys a ticket to have privilege ahead of schedule, optional choose course amounts to more than 50. It is reported, na Hang will roll out Guangzhou this to wait for numerous course privilege to go there and back to 380 yuan to Hangzhou, Shanghai, Wen Zhou, Nanjing, Guilin, wait for many to Urumqi, Harbin long term the airliner goes there and back 1380 yuan wait for privilege; In respect of the course outside the condition, roll out Guangzhou goes there and back 380 yuan to Manila, beatitude ridge, head the privilege that the international course such as Er, Singapore, kuala lumpur, Bangkok goes back and forth between 1380 yuan, low to 1 to 2 fold exceed low airline ticket to also will show a body at the same time. Ship side expresses south, woman passenger needs to show Id or passport only, home shifts to an earlier date 7 day, international buy a ticket 5 days to be able to be grabbed ahead of schedule exceed low discount airline ticket, the detail can log onto Na Hang website to inquire. (Wang Qi a jade tablet)