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Long Yan will need 1 hour only to Xiamen car Cheng 2010
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Start working of the whole line of dragon mansion railroad arouses congress is held in Long Yan, and the spot undertook the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference of manage of railroad design, construction, inspect, cheap discuss signing ceremony. This indicates railroad the whole line spreads out a Long Sha. It is reported, dragon mansion railroad builds time limit for a project 4 years, 2010 hopeful building be open to traffic. Arrive by train from Long Yan at the appointed time Xiamen, will shrink by 4 hours of present to 1 hour.
Project of dragon mansion railroad always invests 6.48 billion yuan, longyan of railroad of dragon of another name for Jiangxi Province rises to stand on the west, classics and brook, Long Shan, Na Jing, careless slope reachs Zhangzhou, use mansion deep railroad to introduce Xiamen, full-length 171 kilometers, design technology standard is speed per hour electric railway of 200 kilometers crewel. This railroad is give priority to with the guest, the fast trunk railway of customer money give attention to two or morethings, after building, shorten haul distance of the railroad between Long Sha 61 kilometers, passenger train rate will rise hour of 200 kilometers / by hour of 65 kilometers / .

After be open to traffic of dragon mansion railroad, will mix with railroad of dragon of another name for Jiangxi Province the mansion deep railroad in the program, Shaogan railroad is linked together, form the main carriage thoroughfare that the thing moves toward