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Shenzhen battle of 51 sales promotion gets ready wait for hair
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51 coming, although have only this year short between 3 climate but Shenzhen businessman is valued very however, do for this sufficient preparation. "Home appliance night fair " , " buy 200 send 200 " , " summer wear 6. 8 fold " , the sales promotion plan of each businessman gives heat in succession. Look from strength of businessman sales promotion, compare with photograph of cold and cheerless of tomb-sweeping day market, it is prosperous that 51 sales promotion can say.

Home appliance sells push night fair

To receive 51 consumption the climax comes, national beautiful electric equipment will hold home appliance night fair on April 30, special offer resource, gift resource puts in the market ahead of schedule. National beautiful field expresses, because,rolling out night fair basically is of golden week holiday shorten the shopping that can affect very much customer, night fair lets consumer have more time go on a tour. Outside dividing night fair, 51 during, xin Huajiang shop of Shenzhen country beauty greets reshipment to upgrade practice Daqing. 3 billion yuan of stock up, 500 million yuan let machine of 500 thousand benefit, special offer put in the market. The country is beautiful will fall continuously through the price, return now, lottery, give a ceremony to wait " let a hundred flowers blossom " sales promotion form, ignite the big fight of 51 sales promotion of Shenzhen home appliance.

The enlarge that Su Ning electric equipment also will lend his inn of galaxy of north of flagship store Hua Jiang is allowed energetically sales promotion, stock up is close 500 million yuan, raise money only store of resource of 50 million yuan of sales promotion yields benefit. Can foreknow, hua Jiang north will be become this year the storm center of battle of 51 home appliance.

Does home appliance sell why to fall to note contention again 51 markets? Beautiful concerned controller represents the state, 51 will tell to home appliance manufacturer, businessman is crucial. It is to enter in May, shenzhen weather turns hot, air conditioning enters flourishing to sell period, 51 markets are whose race to control air conditioning sale laid a foundation this year. Secondly, this year is an Olympic Games year, as the drawing near of the Olympic Games, flat TV appears necessarily blowout, a lot of people can choose 51 buy flat color television. 3 be 51 afterwards, enter traditional travel peak period, sale of 3 C product also can grow considerably. "The sale of 51 affects what sell an end first half of the year to the manufacturer to finish directly, the manufacturer prepares meticulously also is inevitable " , this controller is summed up.

The businessman seizes 51 business chance

General merchandise kind the businessman is same to the contention of 51 markets do one's best. Year old treasure general merchandise is each inn and Mao Yedong door, deep south, member inn is rolled out " 200 send 200 coupon " sales promotion, china summer wear of Jiang Beimao course of study 6. 8 fold favourable fulfil guest; Day rainbow bazaar buys dress kind full 200 yuan send 100 yuan of delay time to consume card, numerous name tastes Hai Tianhong general merchandise after 6. 8 fold; 51 during Home Hua Runmo is rolled out " wash clothes section " , " bath section " and " breakfast food division " wait for an activity, each inn bed tastes shop to buy 98 yuan to send 60 yuan of case gift certificate, can consider material benefit excellent.
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