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51 little information length a holiday ask you to see super information encyclop
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"51 " small long holiday, shop, amuse oneself will sing leading role in people life. The graph is was a few days ago in lunar lake park, children are walking on water play in the ball. Small Liu Jun is photographed


There is big business chance in small long holiday

Businessman end goes out shop big eat

Report from our correspondent (reporter Li Xia) reporter from Changsha a few businessmen understand yesterday, because early days forecasts consumption demand will be very exuberant, "51 " during, the businessman goes out end a dish big and shop delicately big eat, let you be enjoyed to the top of one's bent.

There is big business chance in small long holiday

Though this year " 51 " holiday has 3 days only, but the businessman thinks generally, there is big business chance in small long holiday, will not inferior grow a holiday at 7 days of in former years.

"Because have 3 days only, we predict most citizen can choose stay in the home to spend, in the meantime, still meet the short distance visitor that attracts circumjacent travel, also be opportunity of a sales promotion to us. " personnel says related the domestic embellish much money that is located in people road, this inn will be timely roll out " Shopping price day " sales promotion activity.

Chief expresses likewise related the friendship shop that is located in Yuan Jialing, the customer of state of a lot of cities will play to Changsha, no matter " a hour of shopping circle " it may not be a bad idea, or " 3 hours of shopping circles " , can bring for Changsha businessman anyway new opportunity of round of market.

Olympic Games environmental protection becomes sales promotion subject

Extraordinary sense letting a person is new is, this year " 51 " the businessman's sales promotion " formula " , "Flavour " can differ greatly with in former years: much " Olympic Games flavour " , " environmental protection flavour " .

Because fire of Olympic Games emperor will is about to deliver in Hunan June, the businessman begins to promote Olympic Games subject in succession. Inn of almost all general merchandise has the sales promotion of concerned Olympic Games. Be like friendship shop, roll out fulfil the quota to send the Olympic Games such as T-shirt of Fu Wa, Olympic Games the activity of relevant product, meanwhile, this inn still will be in on April 26, inside, begin " beetle " car of Olympic Games coloured drawing or pattern is exhibited, at the appointed time, besides will car of coloured drawing or pattern of art of 6 Olympic Gameses and Changsha citizen meet, still will Che Jingyan of 2 torch convoy appears.

"Environmental protection " it is this " 51 " another bazaar dressing. To what will be about to carry out on June 1 " be restricted model makes " , businessman also the sales promotion with having allure very much, will encourage people to be carried out at an early date " environmental protection plans " . Resemble supermarket of domestic embellish much life, roll out " full 98 yuan send wash clothes clean " , " full 128 yuan send a kitchen smeary clean " activity. Before this, this supermarket already extended freely to the member environmental protection shopping bag, since May 1, the member holds environmental protection shopping bag to shop, can obtain give value 8. 5 yuan wash clothes clean or it is value 12 yuan kitchen is smeary clean a bottle. As we have learned, domestic embellish still prepared 70 thousand gift for this more.
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