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51 discounts airline ticket buys Shenzhen not hard
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Dispatch of Shenzhen news network this year " 51 " the airline ticket of the golden week did not place arrogant attitude as always. Should keep away from only on May 1, discount airline ticket is looked for not hard. Deep boat still plans to come in Shenzhen big talk, 3 inferior, Guilin, Changsha, Wuhan, Yichang, assist fences etc 120 many flight numbers are increased on short distance hot line, alleviated further golden week of a few circuitry buys the issue with difficult ticket, the tourist that plan freedom goes can make arrangement early.

Low discount airline ticket is many emerge in large numbers

Deep boat serves a hot line 24 hours Director Zhang of 95080 tells a reporter, because already experienced old gold circumference holiday, the enthusiasm that people centers go on a journey already somewhat abate. From the point of current sale status, only Shenzhen comes big talk, 3 inferior, of and other places of bound of Guilin, Li Jiang, Zhang Jia, Changsha, Hefei, Wuhan leave a port airline ticket, from began to do not have a discount almost on the weekend originally. Sale status of other major line " billows not Jing " , even if is on April 30, will give travel height period of time so on May 1, the 7 airline ticket that lose fluctuation are very common also.

Even if popular travel line, its fare also will begin rapid fall after a rise after May 2. Come from the data of You Yi net to show, shenzhen will come on May 3 lowest of Li Jiang airline ticket 7 fold, can hit to Guilin airline ticket 5 fold, want 330 yuan only. With day, shenzhen all drops to airline ticket of and other places of Kunming, Chongqing broken 5 fold, still appeared even to Chengdu the 3.5 lowermost fare that discount. This kind of circumstance is calendar year golden week infrequent.

Sell continuously on the net buy a ticket more favourable

Grab passenger source to contend for, "51 " during the golden week, many airline still issued the favourable policy that sells continuously on the net. For example, deep boat " double Cheng leisurelies and carefree " favourable regulation, the discount interval that the passenger buys deep boat Shenzhen to reach Beijing, Shanghai is 4.5 lose the round-trip airline ticket to total value, perhaps buy the others line 4.5 fold to 9 lose the airline ticket of home of Cheng going there and back inside interval, can be in at that time on market price foundation, additional the privilege that wins 5 % , if online pay a success and choose the airport to take ticket privilege forehead to spend, the discount still will raise 8 % further.

Hai Hang also is in " 51 " the net is rolled out to go up during the golden week the privilege that buy a ticket. Before every takes off 7 days at the airliner (do not contain take off that day) in Hai Hang the website is bought medicinal powder the passenger of passenger ticket, can enjoy again lower than fare of corresponding cabin seat or berth the privilege of 10 % . User of individual of electronic passenger ticket buys Ming Sheming to buckle airline ticket on the net, the 3 % that can enjoy fare of corresponding cabin seat or berth are favourable. And buy Cheng going there and back and go Cheng and be apart of return trip time do not exceed passenger of 30 days, what can enjoy 5 % is favourable.
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