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Prices of 51 travel airline ticket 3 fold
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51 will come, the airline ticket that leaves a port from Guangzhou appears rise trend. Reporter from home the biggest electron passenger ticket acts as agent yesterday orgnaization - empty journey net understands You Yihang, the 51 airline ticket values during will be relatively inferior this year, especially golden week second half period, airline will roll out the special offer ticket of a few course, guangzhou leaves a port airline ticket will appear 3 lose airline ticket.

Popular line is hard before the section have low the airline ticket that loses near future Guangzhou to leave a port begins the whole line taut, the airline ticket that the city travels toward heat before is in basic weekend it is the sign that sees low discount hard. The reporter inquires to inquire in the system in real time from You Yi net, guangzhou, Kunming still has minimum at present the 6 airline ticket that lose, be in basically to April 29 8 fold above; Guangzhou, the lowest before 3 suborder is 4 fold, be in basically on April 29 8 fold above; Guangzhou, at present lowest is Chengdu 4 fold, to April 30 also most be as high as 8 to fold; The fare of the business affairs city such as sea of Guangzhou flying upgrade, Beijing also will be achieved in 30 days 8 fold above.

Nevertheless, wait on May 1, after height of 2 sunrise travel goes, fare will somewhat fall after a rise, like Guangzhou, Kunming on May 3 will fall after a rise comes 6 fold, guangzhou, Harbin will reach fall after a rise on May 3 5.5 fold, guangzhou, Chengdu will reach fall after a rise on May 3 4 fold, and Guangzhou, Shanghai, Guangzhou, the business affairs city such as Beijing will drop considerably 4 ~ 5 fold.

Special offer ticket will be added to gross 2 into it is reported, the photograph of airline ticket price of the golden week is compared this year before inferior, among them a reason is airline is carried to answer railroad fast, adopt increase considerably airliner and fall the strategy of fare. If Na Hang announces its are close,400 course will add an airliner measure considerably, airliner quantity soars drive favourable airline ticket to increase in great quantities, chief discloses related Na Hang, henceforth special offer airline ticket will from at present 5 ~ increase every flight number 10 pieces 20% of total seating.

It is reported, after the golden week ends, Guangzhou leaves a port airline ticket will compare petty gain mostly, some course have special offer ticket to roll out even, like Guangzhou, Tianjin will have minimum on May 9 the 3 special offer bills that lose 510 yuan. Nevertheless, this period greets the height that return a city at the same time, like Chengdu, Guangzhou, Changsha, Guangzhou will be achieved after May 8 8 fold above.

Case of travel expense of relevant report Hong Kong drops slightly suffer " not sincere letter " dispatch of shop influence times (Zhong Jian of reporter Xie Jing's reporter) the reporter learns yesterday, because get " not sincere letter " the influence of the shop, 51 HongKong and Macow swim this year the price and photograph of the corresponding period was compared last year drop somewhat, the citizen that attracts many short line go on a journey chooses HongKong and Macow to swim.
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