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2008 Olympic Gameses year Sino-US course competes
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Beijing Olympic Games was a heat 2008, sino-US course also will be a heat. All the time since, sino-US between aviation journey arrives directly at boat to nod less state of affairs to perplexing come-and-go at Sino-US the passenger between, the passenger is not the trouble that faces airliner seat strain, namely must circuitous transfer flies, waste a large number of time during transit. Nevertheless today bright two years, many airline will be added Sino-US the straight boat between, the circumstance with insufficient transport power will alleviate a lot of.


The reporter understands yesterday, da Meihang is in for nothing a boat general of Sino-US course according to appointed date next month 31 days of begin navigation, and Hai Hang also will become domestic head home to use in June Sino-US the airline that new boat counterpoises. It is reported, sino-US course is the international course with rich and generous profit, of Sino-US both sides each are big airline will spread out intense contention for this.


It is reported, american Department of Transportation was announced today bright the new line that two years the United States and China predict to add, amount to beautiful airline among them course of China of first degrees of open up, and American aviation, mainland aviation and northwest aviation also will be in its already outside the course in some beauty, add monarch new line. This is meant, sino-US between will 6 new line begin battalion movement, the competition between Sino-US course aggravate.


Beautiful Fang Hang is empty: Force of labor of the aviation that amount to the United States is waited for hair


From Sino-US reach new after agreement of power of round of boat, beautiful square airline begins intense contention 2008, the ship of Sino-US non-stop flight to that adds newly 2009 counterpoises. Application of the aviation that amount to the United States opened Shanghai to reach Atlanta 2008 straight boat, head boat debuts on March 31, 2008. Relevant controller discloses department of market of region of China of the aviation that amount to the United States yesterday, begin navigation time has been obtained batch, but to airliner hour however all the time " confidential " , there can be an announcement after saying frankly. In the meantime, american aviation respect also expresses to the reporter, american aviation applies for 2009 Shanghai, between Chicago daily the service also knocks an aerial liner to will begin to move on March 25, 2009 surely.


American combination aviation already opened Guangzhou to come on June 20, 2008 certainly san Francisco course, straight boat service will enable Boeing 777 planes. It is reported, the empty company of America Ji Hang that beautiful couplet boat also will become the first to provide flight number of non-stop flight to of daily and ceaseless station between Guangzhou and san Francisco. As Guangzhou course enlightened, beautiful couplet boat nods a city to will be added in the boat of Chinese inland reach 3. Mr Guo Zhenxiong shows general manager of district of China of beautiful couplet boat, new Guangzhou course will provide the passenger transport between Guangzhou and san Francisco and freight service, this is beautiful couplet boat the 6th line that provides service of non-stop flight to of daily and ceaseless station between Chinese inland and United States.
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