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In Anshan a child can buy discounted tickets
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Children in Anshan also buy discounted tickets to give out! Yesterday, reporter learned from the city a number of air ticket, the fare is less than 5 fold in the adult, the child may also purchase Dazhe Piao, and normal children and enjoy free tickets as airport construction fee. Child tickets are sometimes more expensive than adult tickets January 1, 1985 to develop, February 28, 1996 revision of the "China Civil Aviation Passenger baggage rules" provides full 2 years of age for children under 12 years of age, according to the same flight 50% of adults pay regular fare and provide seating. At first, the Civil Aviation Administration issued the policy is to let children vote against off-season, high season, flights, routes of, do not pay the airport construction fee. But with the development of the domestic aviation market, and now two or three fold of the adult ticket is not uncommon, but the child ticket price is still 50% of the normal fare, and sometimes more expensive than the adult ticket. For this reason, some parents buy cheaper plans designed specifically for adult children discount air tickets. Adult children can be bought in Anshan Da Zhepiao Yesterday, reporter learned from the city a number of air ticket, when less than 5 discount off adult tickets when airline tickets for children from most of the purchase by adults Da Zhepiao, and free airport construction fee. In addition, children's tickets are free and 改签 refund, but if buying a discount adult ticket, you need to comply with the provisions of adult ticket back 改签 generally discounted adult ticket is not accepted and 改签 refund, or to charge a fee. That is, if the adult children to buy tickets, in addition to 50 can apply for waiver of airport construction fees, other preferential rights to automatically give up. Public voice In an interview, many people have said they are willing to give up their right to cheap, buy discount adult tickets to the children. Reporters afterwards To September 5, Shenyang Shenzhen Airlines flights to fly Guangzhou ZH9608 example, adult economy class full price ticket price is 2,300 yuan, according to the provisions of the former, children need to get on the flight to spend 1150 yuan. But according to current regulations, if the flight is able to purchase a minimum discount of 4 fold, then the children will be able to get to spend 920 flight of the trip, saving more than 230 before.