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51 airline ticket shift to an earlier date popular travel town airline ticket is
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] (Wu Gongfei of Luo Xiaojun of Chen Juan of reporter Lu Jun's trainee's reporter) although leave " 51 " the golden week still has period of time, but airborne market enters Shenzhen ahead of schedule hot period. Come day after day, shenzhen citizen travel, visit one's family passenger flow is shown rise smoothly trend. According to Na Hang Shenzhen company salesperson introduces, from at present the passenger orders hostage situation to look, from April the middle ten days of a month begins, airline ticket sale already warmed up gradually, travel partly especially city " 51 " during airline ticket is critical, northeast course still has odd place at present, did not appear " it is difficult to buy a ticket " phenomenon.

It is reported, the travel agent that the near future orders group seat to Na Hang and the guest that ask airliner circumstance to Na Hang booking office are apparent grow in quantity, the organization orders a ticket to be centered in relatively " 51 " holiday. "51 " around, shenzhen is mixed to the northeast course such as Harbin, Dalian, Shenyang the course such as Wuhan, Changsha, Zhan Jiang all has room. But Shenzhen is consummate the travel circuitry airline ticket such as group of the Hua Donghang line such as the sea, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Nanchang and Guilin, big talk, Home Zhang, Kunming, Beijing, Guiyang, Xiamen begins to be critical.

The personage inside course of study is analysed, opposite at railroad, highway, waterborne, civil aviaton " 51 " passenger flow height is had will get the late, characteristic that comes suddenly, because will come 24 days to be on April 21 annual wide hand in meeting adjournment, at the appointed time large quantities of passenger flow will swarm into Shenzhen, be in thereby around will make Shenzhen airline ticket sells work off to show to rise greatly on April 22, will appear to 30 days on April 26 strong, appear thereby " 51 " height of the first passenger flow, go out here of travel is a tourist mostly. Will come 9 days on May 6, after visitting one's family, be returned and go out the passenger that travel returns the home will be formed confluent, the 2nd times passenger flow height appears subsequently. A few days ago, boat Shenzhen company is clutching south of course airliner adjust, have the plane reasonable after allocating, main organization hot line works overtime, ensure the passenger can go out smoothly row.