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51 change airline ticket price maintains height on the weekend smooth
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Small long holiday just ended Pure Brightness, 51 holiday following sb's heels again and come. Reporter yesterday from the river east the airport understands, because cancelled this year " the golden week " , the airline ticket price before the section keeps basically stable, fold the left and right sides than going up slightly before a week only.

Introduce according to controller of airport booking office, last year 51 before each are big course sees low discount bill hard basically, a few popular travel line are to hold total value more. This year, 51 holiday were become long on the weekend, accordingly a lot of consumer are taken no account of basically long term swim, wait for the travel line with popular in former years like Chengdu, Kunming, airline ticket price all did not appear bigger go up, although each discount of big line went up to be folded slightly, maintain basically also in 5 fold the left and right sides. It is reported, the fare lowest discount that at present Yinchuan flies to Beijing, Xi'an, Guangzhou, Chengdu is 5 fold, fly to Kunming to be 7 fold, flying upgrade sea is basically 8 lose total value.

The airport warns customer, this year is the first year when cancel the golden week, whether does price of near future airline ticket have big wave motion to still cannot anticipate so, the customer that has a travel need or travel plan answers this to pay close attention to in time.