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11 groups plan
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11 groups plan (without compulsive consumption)
28, 29, garden of amorous feelings of home of bound of building of 30 hair Wuhan, Huang He, Changsha, Shaoshan, Zhang Jia, earth double lie date of 6 1580 29: Ancient city of group of Changsha, Shaoshan, Home Zhang, phoenix double lie 7 (Shuang Fei 6) 2110 yuan / 3310 yuan 29, 30.2: Shuang Fei of garden of amorous feelings of home of group of Changsha, Shaoshan, Home Zhang, earth 4 / 5 days of 2810/3110/2510 yuan

Preferential price will receive a visitor during the golden week in October in!
Shuang Fei of character of Kunming, Dali, beautiful river swims 6 days:
On October 1 -- SamSung character 2810 yuan / person
On October 2 - character of 5 days of SamSung 2590 yuan / person
The detail invites report to seek advice, ask great support ~~

Fierce will smooth on September 30 hill special train, special offer 1260 yuan / person, greeting incoming telegram seeks advice

Yangzhou Zhenjiang is pure play 2 days to swim
D1: Go to Yangzhou early by the car, visit late Qing Dynasty the first garden- - He Yuan (time hall of the 1 hour, mountain villa that send whistle, butterfly, hind garden, Yu Xiulou, piece Shi Shan room) , stroll east circle door ancient street, former residence of exterior Jiang Zemin, the car after Chinese meal goes to Zhenjiang, temple of overlook golden hill, visit landscape day to become, of primitive simplicity is quiet and tastefully laid out, be known as " the hill of calligraphy " Jiao Shan beauty spot, chiliad ancient country fair is visited after - on the west ferry Gu Du, the car returns Yangzhou after, late view east close Gu Du and Yangzhou Song Dacheng east city relics (edge of Yangzhou ancient canal, historic site is numerous) , enter a public house (dinner) live Yangzhou
D2: Breakfast hind visits area of scene of national 4A class- - thin west lake (5 booth bridge, white tower, Xu Yuan, small golden hill, Diaoyutai, bright spring about 2 stage, 24 bridges. 5 hours) , 4 old school miniascape of Chinese are visited after - miniascape garden (if open) , lunch hind returns Jinan by the car; End the travel of happy Changjiang Delta! (early Chinese meal)

Recieve a standard:
1: Trailer coach of luxurious air conditioning
2: 2 days swim 1 early 2 prandial;
3: Entrance ticket of path of tourist attraction head
4: Accommodation 2 stars or with class between double mark
5: Excellent guidebook serves 390/ person

10.7 days of Guilin. Kun Dali. Guiyang yellow fruiter respects old special train 12 days to be in fervent in signing up 3150 yuan / person

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