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Village of folk-custom of garden of hill of bare of silver-colored beach of hill
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Village of folk-custom of garden of hill of bare of silver-colored beach of hill of power sea, breast, skerry, peach swims 3 days 0531-86622200
One, the journey:
D1: Jinan multiplies hill of breast of car power sea early, visit be known as " the world the first beach " lacteal hill silver-colored beach, go to village of folk-custom of skerry peach garden by the car. (in late) live room of common of villager of peach garden folk-custom
D2: Watch Yellow Sea sunrise early of one's own accord, go to area of scene of national AAAA class by the car- - bare hill beauty spot; The Buddhist temple with power the oldest of great capacity- - bare Shan Fahua courtyard, world's greatest forge copper statue of a god- - Chi Shanming is magical, the world's exclusive avalokitesvara moves square of feeling music fountain- - ecstasy Bodhisattva bound, reflective glue east the folk-custom museum that historical changes thing resembles- - house of Rong Chengmin common, the house of Zhang Baogao biography of feat of life of Zhang Baogao of home of hero of folk of Korea of record and narrate, maritime commerce, show broad and profound Buddhist culture and Japanese dignitary the courtyard of bare hill buddhist that circle benevolence experiences into Tang Qiufa. The road is watched " everybody is floriculturist, door door have greenhouse " beautiful village- - village of car foot river. Lunch hind gives holothurian view seawater to breed by ship, in the fisherman guidance issues those who understand product of of all kinds sea to breed knowledge, maritime sightseeing. (Xi Xia opening perhaps is attended by the car after lunch, visit beautiful and mythological fokelore and wonderful natural scene to be an organic whole " island of celestial being hill "- - area of scene of sea ass island, divine carve Shan Ye is visited to give birth to animal nature groove guard after. (early in late) live room of common of villager of peach garden folk-custom
D3: After breakfast, go to power sea urban district by the car, visit power sea park, ramble Korea dress city, after lunch, return Jinan by the car, end happy journey! (early in)
2, charge: 430 yuan / person (50 people become a group independently)
3, standard:
1, traffic: Trailer coach of whole journey air conditioning
2, accommodation: Room of common of villager of folk-custom of skerry peach garden (every 4-5 person, communal Wei Yu)
3, have dinner: 2 early 5 group eat (do not contain wine water)
4, entrance ticket: The tourist attraction is the biggest entrance ticket, (village of folk-custom of the garden that contain a peach-shaped thing goes to sea by ship charge)
5, service: Excellent guidebook serves whole journey
6, safe: Danger of travel agent responsibility, person accident insurance

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