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Home of 5 Taiyuan, hill, Ping Yao, tall swims 3 days 0531-86622200
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Home of 5 Taiyuan, hill, Ping Yao, tall swims 3 days 0531-86622200 D1: Jinan attends Taiyuan luncheon early by the car (provide for oneself) Zhang Yi is gone to to seek by the car after arriving at director " bright red lantern is hanged high " film the ground- - tall home courtyard, swim 1-6 courtyard, appreciate advance business culture, go to Ping Yao by the car, dinner hind enters a public house. Live: Make the same score Yao D2: Breakfast hind visits famous city of world history culture by the car, one of 4 big ancient cities of countrywide- - the Gu Cheng that make the same score Yao (entrance ticket provides for oneself 120) , visit China v/arc a firm exchange and transfer of money of bureau of the first darts, view, ramble the Ming Qinggu, Ya that watch a county goes to 5 hill by the car afternoon, the public house is entered after arriving at. Live: 5 hill D3: Buddhist shrine 5 hill, cacique temple of Huang Miao, have small the Potala Palace say- - Bodhisattva supports; Dimensions most temple of a lunar month of 30 days is the earliest- - show a temple; 5 hill indicate become known tower is in a temple- - tower courtyard temple; The chapter increases point of Living Buddha cultivate oneself according to a religious doctrine- - the temple that press down the sea, swim 5 hill burning incense most flourishing, promise the cleverest fane- - cabinet of 10 thousand Buddha (5 father temple) ; Visit the cloister of the Bodhisattva of consecrate article different of 5 hill- - different resembles a temple, chinese meal hind returns Jinan by the car, end this is happy and itinerary! ! Quote: 650 yuan / person standard: 1, with the car: Whole journey is luxurious air conditioning trailer coach. 2, entrance ticket: The tourist attraction is the biggest entrance ticket (include place to list bank note of 5 hill wicket) 3, eat: 2 early 4 (prandial 10 people one desk, 8 dish one soup) 4, guide take: Excellent guidebook serves whole journey 5, accommodation: Ping Yao is two-men standard, 5 hill are B of civilian mark room

6, safe: Travel agent responsibility is safe

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