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Twelfth of special train of travel of air conditioning of Guilin, Kunming, Dali,
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Guilin, Kunming, Dali, Li JiangSpecial train of air conditioning travelTwelfth swims (go-off: Set out on September 18, 2008, will return on September 29) In September 1 9 month 18 days: 17: 00 Zi rich sends a car, 18: 30 Jinan, city of way Tai'an Yan. . . . . Will go sightseeing on the way on September 19 on the train on September 20: Contain early in live late: Guilin 4: 46 after receiving a group, in the morning 05: After receiving a group 00 minutes, head for Yang Shuo with breakfast hind, [multiply row Li river]The ancient town of in relief new moon that freedom rambles not to have Europe land feeling -- foreigner street (40 minutes) , can visit tourist attraction of land of in relief new moon at one's own expenses (the project such as float of the ancient course of silver cliff, totem, river that encounter dragon) ; Can sample in what Yang Shuo uses dinner characteristic " beer fish " gust; Guilin is returned after (about 2 hours) , the car swims project of Oriental Venice water system,Two Jiang Sihu sceneries, [new condition of banyan lake and fir lake](double tower of place of boat of Gunamen, big banyan, Huang Tingjian department, life; 30-40 minute) ; On September 21: Contain early Chinese meal to live: After the breakfast on the train; Visit imperial park,[anxiety hill park](1 make imperial palace for short stays away from the capital of Shi Kang day of interpose of anxiety emperor temple, Jiang- - 1. 5 hours) . [visit park of Na Xi hill](1- - 1. 5 hours) garden of Sino-Japanese friendship oriental cherry, Na Xiyu rests inside screen, park; Sample freely Guilin characteristic tea, Badge of city of boat view Guilin, the proboscis hill, tower hill, hill that fold colour, volt wave hill, wear the 10 names hill such as hill, old person hill, cockfighting hill (about 1. 5 hours), the crude drug with visiting the oldest Guangxi is wholesale base- - Zhong Rentang (40 minutes) ; Probably 13: After 00 minutes of or so gone Chinese meal, 15: 30 send stand; By 16: Train of 20 minutes goes to Kunming, on September 22, go sightseeing on the way: The dinner in will containing on September 23 lives on the train: On the train 9: 00 the left and right sides reachs stone forest railway station. Go to stone forest beauty spot by the car, tour the world natural heritage of the karst landforms with much colorful appearance of the first marvellous spectacle, world,Stone forest: Savour " group peak stand like a wall, 1000 a screen-like mountain peak are folded emerald green strong beautiful landscape; Look aroundSouth 7 pink clouds, After dinner 20: 30 minutes from Kunming by train the special train goes to Dali. On September 24: The dinner in containing lives: Left and right sides of Li Jiang 8.00 is arrived at " 5 gold are beautiful " birthplace, Dali, watch of 3 tea singing and dancing visits appreciation the Bai nationality
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