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The setting sun is red 10 thousand lis of the Yangtse River wrap row 0531-866222
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The setting sun is red 10 thousand lis of the Yangtse River wrap row 0531-86622200
[Characteristic] : Brand of red operation of professional the setting sun, chongqing appoints the government to recieve 6 luxurious You Lun, all cabin seat or berth all are in board 2 buildings above (air conditioning, defend alone, color television) ; Exceed platform of grand sight scene, view scene eye shot is open; Work layer recreation hall; The journey is relaxed and optional, suit senile friend particularly; The recreational activities on the boat is rich (brushwork of intellectual lecture, calligraphy, card pulls evening party of dance of OK, music, guess having reward, evening party, birthday to wait) ; Whole journey is accompanied, the doctor that follow a boat; Give elegant knapsack, sunbonnet, collective to illuminate!
Building of Nanjing, yellow hill, cottage hill, yellow crane, Jing Zhou, the Yangtse River large dams of 3 gorge, 3 gorge,
Shi Baozhai, abundant ghost town, Chongqing swims 10 days [Jinan sails upstream]
(date giving a group: On April 13, 2008, on May 25)
D1: Jinan railway station unites gather in the evening, lie forcedly by train go to Nanjing (2555 20: 38-07: 09) . Old: On the train
D2: [month of golden hill wind swims - close wineshop of the Huaihe River of nocturnal berth the Qin Dynasty]     (contain dinner) old: You Lun
Touch in the morning " Nanjing " , month of wind of the Huaihe River of 10 lis of the Qin Dynasty " master shrine street " go sightseeing, sample at one's own expenses Changjiang Delta characteristic is fastfood; 00 ascend row
Ship set sail, "Captain reception " , " the evening party of nocturnal singing and dancing of the Yangtse River " .           
D3: [elfland of sea of clouds swims - strange peak sea of clouds uses up extraordinary] (contain early, dinner) old: You Lun
The boat reachs harbor, you Zhonghua strange hill " Huang Shan " (at one's own expenses) , dream pen gives birth to a flower, the monkey watchs the sea, on the west seascape area, the scene area such as area of scene of the North sea, in in surprising, seeing the male, Tibet in surprising is deep and remote, strange Zhong Huaixiu, strange, have danger, hill of celestial being of world of true it may be said.
D4: Investigate small? of soft market of Gua of a treadle-operated tilt hammer for hulling rice of brightness glare of  of danger of Wen of berkelium  Lei (contain early, dinner) old: You Lun
The boat reachs harbor, swim world name hill " cottage hill " (at one's own expenses) , exterior of site of meeting of hill of cereal of beautiful diameter, samite, cottage, north faces the Yangtse River, be close to east Po Yang Hu, magnificent danger is beautiful, firm soft and aid, formed the gallant view with world unusual place; Go up late aboard song and dance of chess card, music from amusement activity.
D5: [building of the name on the river swims - former times person already went by Huang He]   (contain early, medium, dinner) old: You Lun
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