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American summer camp plans
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American summer camp plans Scheduling Time City Content Accommodation On Saturday Beijing - Washington takes international airliner to fly to Washington. Bin Xi of Washington of Sunday of hotel of 3 stars class Faniya goes sightseeing after breakfast the White House, capitol, washington monument, lincoln memorial hall, before driving afternoon, go toBin Xi Faniya the school The school lodges on Monday Bin Xi Faniya in the morning interview, english level checks, teacher, student meets afternoon meeting. Alexandrine Tuesday Bin Xi Faniya in the morning English course, enter the activity that the school orchestrates afternoon. Alexandrine on Wednesday Bin Xi Faniya in the morning English course, the school organizes sports activity afternoon. Alexandrine on Thursday Bin Xi Faniya Round-the-clock Philadelphia is visited, sightseeing independence memorial hall, free bell, With the United States famousUniversity of Niya of guest evening standard Alexandrine on Friday Bin Xi Faniya in the morning English course, attend the school afternoon achieve literary performance oneself. Alexandrine on Saturday Bin Xi Faniya in the morning English course, understand American history and culture afternoon. Alexandrine on Sunday Bin Xi new York visits Faniya in the morning Princeton university, afternoonNew York universityAndColombian university, Dinner hind goes sightseeingTimes square, watchThe Broadway performance. 3 astral class hotels new York Persia pauses on MondayVisit free goddess island in the morning, wall street, caesarean edifice, the Broadway street, u.N. headquarters large building, head for Persia to pause by the car afternoon. Alexandrine Tuesday Persia visits world-renowned university suddenlyHa Fu university, Hemp saves grain industry collegeAndYale Alexandrine before los angeles seizes the opportunity in the morning, Persia is gone to suddenly on Wednesday los angeles, visit afternoonCity of Hollywood round-the-world shadow, star highway, theater of China of article family name, kodak theater Alexandrine los angeles is round-the-clock on Thursday visitEnlighten Si Ni Eden Alexandrine san Francisco is headed for after breakfast of los angeles san Francisco on Friday. Look around afternoonStanford university, have have an informal discussion of school square delegate, offer enter oneself for an examination the information of American university Alexandrine on Saturday san FranciscoRound-the-clock visit golden gate big bridge, 9 spend a street, fishing person dock Alexandrine on Sunday san Francisco - Beijing heads for the airport midday, take international the airliner returns BeijingCurricular arrangement: Course includes, audition, read, writing, entrust course, american culture, american literature (the school can be arranged according to the eventuate student of exam course and divide into classes)
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