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The friendship that enter Tibet hints
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The friendship that enter Tibet hints 1, Body requirement: Patient of severe high blood pressure, heart disease shoulds not be go Tibet travels. The guest proper motion that Tibet of proposal plan stroke travels consults a doctor, whether does so that master his,the body state of the near future go aptly Tibet. Body thin weak is not afraid, strong person not conceited, the athlete may compare Everyman to should notice the body reacts more into Tibet. Not was necessary to be go Tibet and exercise painstakingly, but before entering Tibet, answer to rest adequately, adjust oneself body in groove, taking a cold to enter Tibet.
2, Downy reaction: Tibet belongs to area of high height above sea level, the amount that contain oxygen is smaller than area of low height above sea level 20% the left and right sides. There can be the downy reaction of different level to Tibet at the beginning of major guest, be like: The bosom is frowsty, be discouraged, limply, giddy wait, serious person meeting shedding nosebleed, vomiting. Downy reaction is the natural phenomenon that human body appears to get used to environment, you because this is excessive,must not be anxious and nervous, lest accentuate the unwell symptom of the body. Install can be highland taken before entering Tibet, the medicine such as red red-spotted stonecrop, Nuodikang. Should drink more to Tibet first water, much rest, much draft fruit, do not make acuteness motion. Oxygen can be absorbed when downy reaction is severe. Optimal state of mind is experience downy reaction as a kind!
3, Equipment requirement: Tibetan illumination is intense, day difference in temperature is big, travel line is long. The guest should go up fully sunglasses, sunbonnet, prevent bask in frost, tibet can wear sweater, jacket all the year round, the summer can have at the same time on light clothing pants, but do not want a kind to wear miniskirt in Tibet excessive expose garment pants. Go hiding boreal prairie, the area in Mount Everest, A, will live on the way hostel, the guest should go up fully eider down is taken, thick sweater, high side prevents slippery shoe, bumf, flashlight, penknife, compass, telescopic, kindling, clothesline, individual to wash gargle things, conditional person can take appearance of fixed position of sleeping bag, satellite; Go tourist of line of Lin Zhi, plain Tibet is returned mist water tool should be prevented on equipment. Should go up fully advanced watch for an opportunity and enough film. Can take a few high fever to measure food appropriately, be like: Chocolate, jerk, hot pickled mustard tuber. The book that travel of a few concerned Tibet buys before the proposal enters Tibet is read.
4, The reception that Tibet travels establishment: Accommodation in Lhasa, day criterion of noise made in coughing or vomiting, lustre should wait for a city to have 2, much home of guesthouse of 3 stars class, have room of standard of Tibetan type, Chinese type, luxurious inner room, can satisfy the need of different guest. Tibet is major guesthouse is time supply hot water, hotel room price is a lot of higher than inland, do not have air conditioning commonly. In annual 7, guesthouse will use a room August very nervous, order guesthouse to change likely formerly. In Tibet outlying area travels, can live only the tent of on the way hostel, army service station or provide for oneself, supply without hot water commonly, Wei Yu is public. Traffic: The plane that enters Tibet to multiply southwest airline only or sit long-distance car chooses two kinds. Plane model is Boeing 757 with the airbus 340. Road rugged of Tibet, very hardships and dangers. At present place is an entrance for the most part with car two handcart, do not have air conditioning. Cross-country car has 60, 62 model Feng Tian " cruiser " , 3 water chestnut " desert prince " , in cling to the car has day wild, one's deceased father this special, Feng Tian and homebred Yi Weike, China on the west, little forest etc, the bus has 3 water chestnut, 50 bells, north. Entrance car is datedder but appropriate Tibet road. The driver is Tibetian more, be familiar with road condition, the technology is good, be worth completely to trust on the way. Have dinner: Can supply eat of Tibetan type, Chinese type and Western-style food, tourism group is given priority to with the plain dish with delicate taste, eat Tibetan type meets those who arrange a dinner sample commonly. Have dinner standard is 8 dish commonly one soup, 10 people one desk, but can eat road eat or oneself to cook only in outlying area eat. Shop: Tibet shops to be centered in the anise street of Lhasa for the most part, the handicraft sort here is various, be like: Head of bracelet, ring, necklace, Tang Ka, ox, sheep head, Cang Shisheng is vivid musical instruments used in a Buddhist or Taoist mass of buddhism of type of implemental, Tibet. Shop by tourist freedom in anise street, general but argy-bargy. Want to buy drug of Chinese caterpillar fungus, n/bot saffron crosus, finished product Tibetan medicine, should choose state-operated drugstore. Buy precious handicraft to should seek advice from tourist guide or acquaintance. Tibetan knife cannot take a plane, the person that can let sell or tourist guide mail. Recreation: Tibetian brethren can dance of song be apt to, the place that watchs a show has dining-room Tibetan type and Lin Ka (inside the park) , holiday can see performance program, can see initiative song and dance in travel road sometimes. There is halls of a lot of song and dance, card to help OK parlor inside Lhasa city, night life is rich.
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