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Beijing swims 3 days
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Subway of experience Olympic Games 5 lines Boiled dumpling eat, face of fried bean sauce, elegant bosom card, olympic Games of flag-raising ceremony is illuminated to timing souvenir, olympic Games souvenir D1 Car of early provide for oneself goes to Beijing. Swim the biggest urban center square on the world, Tiananmen Square, visiting memorial hall (if open) , the Olympic Games arrives accept as a souvenir of timing card group photo, people congress hall (provide for oneself) , swim royal palace builds the existent scope is the wholest ancient time on the world group, the Imperial Palace 60, swim old Beijing alley, corrupt official and gentry mansion, respectful Wang Fu (entrance ticket provides for oneself) , take Olympic Games subway 5 lines 2, Visiting distant is resided like that, Shop the first gold of Beijing, Wang Fu well, china door tastes old Beijing east fastfood, the car reads Chang'an Street night scene. Stay in Beijing Contain Chinese meal D2 In the morning flag-raising ceremony, City of visiting jade article, the oldest defence sex on the world is built, 40/20 of Juyongguan Pass Great Wall, preserved fruit fieldSample freely preserved fruit. The car reads Beijing University outer door scene, each one of exterior of view Tsinghua university takes a picture accept as a souvenir, place of close view Olympic Games, bird's nest, water is cubic. Stay in Beijing Contain early, Medium, dinner D3 The You Mingqing after breakfast the royal gardens of two generation -- the Summer Palace 30, our country gives priority to the museum of omnibus military affairs of body exclusively with the military affairs, outer door scene of visiting century world, television tower exterior. Visiting China craft 3 absolutely one of,Cloisonne enamel craft makes a center, the car sees CBD of area of central business affairs, world each country is stationed in area of Beijing diplomatic mission, world of You Taiping foreign sea floor (entrance ticket provides for oneself) . Return sweet home by the car. Stay in Beijing Contain early, Chinese meal Unripe group) 1 , accommodation follows 3 two-men standard 2, whole journey is luxurious air conditioning trailer coach (provide for oneself) . 3, 2 early 4 prandial cost (10 people one desk, 8 dish one soup) . 4, the tourist attraction is the biggest entrance ticket 5, whole journey tourist guide serves Solid close: 425 yuan / person

6, wait for Beijing to suffer an effect alone as a result of Olympic Games, Tibet, ask a guest to carry good id card, if do not have Id to open a proof to public security bureau please

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