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Yun Taishan, the Longmen Grottoes, Shaolin Temple swims 3 days
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Yun Taishan, the Longmen Grottoes, Shaolin Temple swims 3 days
Date journey eat lodges
Geology of park of forest of area of scene of national 5A class, country, country is gone to after 10.3 early Jinan go to Jiao Zunzhong eat by the car groove guard of nature of macaque of beauty spot of irrigation works of park, country, country -- Yun Taishan world geology park (153) . Visit " an ancient name for China the first strange gorge " Gong Shixia. Walk along high-quality goods gallery, admire the marrow of cereal of cloud stage nek. In evening is anxious make
3 Bu Yiquan, 5 paces are visited after 10.4 breakfast of one waterfall " an ancient name for China the first beautiful water " fontal waterfall gorge, look 7 taste gold of waterfall of stone of pool of snake of official, dragon, peaches offered as a birthday present, lover the landscape marvellous spectacle such as not waterfall of word of Long Wo wave, bifurcation, old spring, Long Fengbi. Pool waterfall gorge visits the coronal that only course fall resides an Asia 314 meters " an ancient name for China the first tall waterfall " cloud Tai Tianbao. The car sees the hole that fold colour on the way scene. Look around anxious make special local product -- medicine of 4 big bosoms. Chiliad emperor is gone to by the car after Chinese meal, peony spends a city -- Luoyang. Visit the Longmen Grottoes (80) -- the 3 big treasure house that grotto of Yun Gang of it and Dunhuang Mo Gao hole, Great Harmony weighs buddhism of Chinese ancient time is artistic. Only then build at Northen Wei Dynasty around of Luoyang of Xiao Wendi move the capital to another place, existent figure of Buddha more than 100000 honour, cavern 2345, tope more than 40, tablet engraves more than 2800, it is a delegate with the Lushenadafo of riant dump tourist among them. Early in late Luoyang
10.5 go to ascend, visit " the countryside of Zen ancestor front courtyard, wushu " -- ascend a Shaolin Temple (100) . Swim Shaolin Temple of chiliad ancient Buddhist templeput on the brakes constant be in hospital, hill door hall, day king hall, big Xiong Baodian. See heroic posture of little room hill, see art of little Lin Wu perform, view " Shaolin Temple " ground of movie outer door scene, of famed the world -- Shaolin Temple tower forest, be located in a temple on the west the tower of side forest it is Buddhist relics of past dynasties dignitary is buried place. End happy journey, return the home of Jinan warmth by the car. Early in
Quote: 720 yuan / person
Recieve a standard: 1, accommodation: 2 stars or coequal between double mark 2, have dinner: 2 early 5 prandial (10 people one desk, one soup does not contain 8 dish wine water) 3, trailer coach of air conditioning going there and back 4, the tourist attraction is the biggest entrance ticket 5, trailer coach of local luxurious air conditioning 6, outstanding full-time ground receives tourist guide service
Note: 1. Below the circumstance that reducing a tourist attraction, the visiting order of above tourist attraction but crossing-over, if encounter,cannot defy a factor (wait like weather) this the charge that the etc of charge of actual entrance ticket that the behind schedule that causes, tourist attraction cancels to wait for circumstance, my company to be in charge of returning guest collection only can return to the guest, company is not in charge of assuming the loss that causes from this and responsibility. 2. Danger of travel agent responsibility and accident insurance by form a delegation the company is assumed! 3. If to me the company is recieved,the guest is in in travel process did not carry any doubt to discuss, my company regards satisfaction as, there is doubt to discuss my company not to grant to handle again after guest return! 4. Be like occurrence sheet male single female my company spells a room as far as possible or arrange 3 worlds, if cannot spell a room and cannot arrange 3 worlds, need complemental room difference. 5. Entirely of expenses of food of guest midway withdraw from a young league, fare, entrance ticket is not retreated, additional generation is other charge guest provides for oneself! 6.1 months 3 5: 10 Bao dash forward the door austral the spring admits " viatic beautiful " banner of tourist guide of yellow bottom green word assembles, 5: Car of 30 punctual hair. 7.9 months 29 are united affirm.
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