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Hong Kong, Macao swims 5 days character round 0531-86622200
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Character of Hong Kong, Macao is round Journey characteristic ▲ eats: Give -- harbor type early tea; ▲ swims: Brand-new the journey, those who experience culture of Chinese and Western hand in collect -- south Ou Chizhu, medium annulus Lan Guifang; ▲ buys: 2 stations of Hong Kong: Gem, watch or general merchandise, macao 1 station: The hand believes a dot, shop not to force; Date The city visits a tourist attraction airport of Jinan of Hong Kong of Shenzhen of the first day of Jinan takes prandial public house ZH9940 (1220/1510) the airliner goes to Shenzhen Baoan airport, arrive at evacuation to reach Shenzhen emperor hillock port, leave the country reach harbor. Visit Hong Kong special zone to return to mark building[Square of golden Chinese redbud, meeting exhibits a center], visit geomantic treasure land -[Shallow water bay], feel the magic power of area of Hong Kong plute; Bare column is headed for to visit afterBare column is headed for to visit afterBare column squareBare column square, [beautiful interest building] , [temple of Queen of heaven]. Dinner hind ascends harbor island[Hill of peace and tranquility], go up by trailer coach[Ling Xiaoge], view and admire " Oriental bead " night scene, downhill hind head for[Lan Guifang]Bar street, experience peculiar city atmosphere. Dinner SamSung class is headed for after Hong Kong breakfast the following day grant whatever is requested[Huang Daxian temple]Blessing of pray of burn joss sticks, head for after[Gem reveals a center], full see international tip gem and high-tech design technology, head for international to know a watch town subsequently (or general merchandise inn) the characteristic commodity that the choose and buy admires in the heart, be in after eat swing of DFS of large international store. Afterwards is headed for visit[Enlighten Si Ni Eden]: Place oneself is full of wonderful magical kingdom at this, the dream that lets you reach future in former days comes true here. Harbor type early tea In late SamSung class round-the-clock swing of the 3rd day of Hong Kong. SamSung class after breakfast of Macao of the 4th day of Hong Kong, head for by ship " bet a city " Macao, visit[Big 3 cling to memorial archway] , [cannon stage], hind area of way Macao wealthy person[Episcopal hill], visit[Mom ancestor temple] , [avalokitesvara resembling]. Confluence is headed for after lunch world each district is different of structure style and characteristic of culture of Chinese and Western[Fishing person is piled up First], head for after[The hand believes inn], food of characteristic of Macao of choose and buy. Visiting Macao bets city casino. Early in late SamSung class Shenzhen of the 5th day of Macao / the Gongbei after Jinan breakfast sends close, head for Shenzhen airport ZH9927 by bus car (1410/1655) the airliner returns Jinan, end happy journey.
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