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Congratulatory Olympic Games 2008 alone llano of this time of Inner Mongolia is
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Congratulatory Olympic Games--2008Alone this timeInner MongoliaLlanoBe away for the summer holidaysSpecial train A line: Neat desert of cloth of Inner Mongolia llano, library is noisy temple of Sha Wan, big call together swims 6 days The surprise is given greatly: 1, give characteristic gust food (the hand gathers up hotpot instant-boiled mutton, you face banquet) 2, each everyday clean water a bottle 3, whole journey of professional and excellent guidebook serves 4, understanding " directly the ox ran however the rocket is same speed " Meng Niu breeds course of study 5, photograph of prairie group photo everybody is one piece. 8 Now jujube village: Yan city: Tai'an: Jinan: Heart city stands each hair car, go to by the special train breathe out city. Have dinner accommodation 8 Travel theme " walk into breast to understand Meng Niu "Receive a group to welcome a ceremony to respect discontinue wine with traditional the Monggol nationality in Huhhot railway station, hada of important guest Jing Xian, the biggest yellow temple fair teaching call together visits after the ceremony ends- -Temple of big call together, big call together is located in inside old city of town of Inner Mongolia Huhhot, mongolia language name " Yi Ke call together " , the meaning is " big temple " , only then build Yu Ming to take the place of, it is to breathe out the biggest Huang Jiao cloister inside city, also be the does not set Living Buddha cloister with rare Mongolia. Because Kang Xi's emperor ever had lived a few days here, to show the respect to the emperor, abbe people the reincarnation provision that abolished Living Buddha. Go to Chinese milk industry the birthplace of well-known company -- with Lingeer; Visit garden of unconscious ox industry. View China spacefarer is special milk product line, bay inferior grass makes you understanding ox free from contamination, pure be at ease naturally grandma source, let you experience the life of unconscious Niu Ren, unscramble distinctive company culture, those who experience modern industry is distinctive run way, experience contemporary prairie culture -- the marrow of culture of unconscious cattle company, dinner hind enters a public house. Dinner Huhhot 8 Travel theme, "Travel theme "I and prairie have an agreement "Go to by the car after breakfast [Xilamuren or brightness Teng Xile llano] , view and admire mountain range of beautiful and grand the Yinshan Mountains on the way, appreciate the view of big green hill of lofty, old quarter of the countryside of monarch of by way of, revolution, Wu Chuan county, horseback nation is accepted after arriving at the grandest receive kind, equestrian rank meets boy of the Monggol nationality, convoy of a train of horses carrying goods enters place where troops are stationed---The singer meets discontinue alcoholic drink. The prairie goes sightseeing, visit, equestrian (at one's own expenses 50 yuan / hour) , visit herdsman family, hold a memorial ceremony for does obeisance to Ao Baoshan, experience Ao wraps encountering fun, lunch hind rests, watch the Monggol nationality afternoon " manhood 3 art contest " horse race, the sports of the Monggol nationality such as tumble is performed, dinner samples hand of eat of gust of the Monggol nationality gathers up hotpot, undertake hada of silver-colored bowl of singer of the Monggol nationality proposes a toast between banquet ceremony, experience Mongolia amorous feelings, attend ethical song and dance, bonfire evening party, night watchs the sky of stretch to the horizon. Early medium dinner prairie yurt
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