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Henan aid source the special train swims 4 days on the weekend 0531-86622200
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Stand originallyQi LuFastCar" travelOnlyOf the row Henan aid source the special train swims 4 days on the weekend (set out on June 13, 2008, will return on June 16) Tourism travel: On June 13: Zi rich 18:01/ Jinan 19:32 evening list only by train hair, begin happy journey! On accommodation train on June 14: Early 6: 33 reach aid source railway station, visit national emphasis scenery scenic spot Taoism of the place of geological park of area of area, national AAAA scene, world, the Foolish Old Man removed the mountains, the world day of the first hole- -Area of scene of king house hill (contain cableway), tree of ginkgo of relics of fair former residence of palace of balcony of view of visiting emperor family financial situation, I, the Foolish Old Man removed the mountains, chiliad, eternally is not old the spring. The gem that visits a country, have Central Plains " ancient building museum " beautiful praise sayAid temple showing disrespect or contempt, the tourist attraction such as palace of bedroom of god of water of door of door of government office of hole of source of visiting Qing Dynasty, heart of Gu Yudao, deep and deep heart audience hall, aid, general cypress, urban dinner; Take a car new appearance of the full source that see benefit. Accommodation urban district (contain round-the-clock eat) on June 15: Swim take project of world high-tech key water control project,Area of scene of bottom of Yellow River wavelet, appreciation Yellow River is small shrink the tourist attraction such as the bout such as pool of force of panoramic grand sight, mouth giving water, disappear, chiliad, heroic posture of large dams of visiting main body. Tour area of national AAAA scene, world most north latitude macaque group tribal base --Area of scene of 5 dragon opening, look around too travel macaque, by an ancient name for China the first panorama lift (provide for oneself) to golden pheasant top, You Tao hill, swim 10 lis of gallery, watch macaque show, sweet cliff temple, return the 20:0 after urban dinner2 return Jinan by the special train. On accommodation train (contain round-the-clock eat) on June 16: Early arrive at Jinan 6:58:1 of 8/ Zi rich5, the end is happy and itinerary! NewspaperValence: Lie forcedly 737Yuan / person soft sleeper adds 200 yuan each TakeWu markAccurate: Roundtrip and common train lies forcedly, between accommodation two-men standard, tourist attraction of car of air conditioning travel, the above-listed during the first entrance ticket, the above-listed travels have dinner (2 early 4, 10 people are one desk, prandial 8 dish the one soup, have dinner on the train provides for oneself) , accident insurance of person of service of whole journey tourist guide, travelChildNewspaperValence: 1.1RiceThe following: 210 yuan / person (contain eat
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