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Model of aircraft of series of Pang Badi CRJ introduces
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CRJ (jet of area of Canada of Canada Regional Jet)
Series of plane of branch line of CRJ200/700/900 eddy fan
CRJ series is the jet aircraft of civil branch line that by Pang Badi space navigation group supplies, the CRJ-1OO/200 that includes 50, 7O CRJ-700, 90 CRJ-900. Pang Badi also is current can offer 40 exclusively to go to the company of series of jet aircraft of 90 branch line.
The group bought Pang Badi to add group of empty space navigation 1986, improve for challenger CL601 model provided motivation and fund, begin to develop from 1987, denominate is area jet, hind incognito to add empty RJ, already simplified further now for CRJ.
Since devoted 1992 service, in speed, economy and passenger each respect such as comfortable department sex gets of airline reputably, end in September 2000, CRJ series already won many 1500 order and will, make its made the best-selling branch line jet aircraft on the history. CRJ series is in big airlines has extremely distinct advantage on the course of gain hard, it can be used at enlarging the branch line with bit righter place to carry not only, still can use at increasing to be carried from the radiation type of hub airport, still can make airline improves brigade to the guest serves and improve beneficial result at the same time.

Because group of Pang Badi space navigation is developing plane of its branch line all the time, after buying manufacturer of aircraft of much home branch line, formed set of wholer branch line plane gradually, and this are the place that airline values most at present, in the meantime, because tall, speed reachs comfortable sex quickly,safeguard convenient wait for an advantage, propeller-driven aircraft of branch line turbine exits civil aviaton arena gradually, and right now fill of as it happens of series of Pang Badi CRJ on the market this one vacant, facilitated further Pang Badi is in the monopoly position of domain of branch line aviation.


Main type:

Belong to jet aircraft of 50 class branch line
CRJ100: Archetypal machine is challenger CL601, on this foundation, airframe lengthen 6.1 meters, wing part was made bigger improve. On May 10, 1991 head fly, obtained letter of Canadian comfortable boat 1992. Began consign to use on October 29, 1992. Obtained letter of Europe, beautiful comfortable boat 1993.
At the same time still development produces the RJ100LR with the RJ100ER that increases range and bigger range.

CRJ200: Rolled out 1995, it is current standard type of production, provide bodily form not to have the CRJ200LR with the CRJ200 standard type, CRJ200ER that increases range and bigger range, its range can amount to 3700 kilometers. Began consign to use on January 15, 1996.
Canadian aviation CRJ200

CRJ-200ER of beautiful couplet boat

Jet aircraft of 70 class branch line, on the foundation of CRJ200 ovation, comply with the market to ask the trend of plane of branch line of larger carrying capacity, and the new-style plane that roll out. Started formally on January 21, 1997, on May 29, 1999 head fly. Began to deliver to first user France to be not listed on January 26, 2000 special airline (BRIT AIR) .
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