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Lin Zhi airport introduces
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LINZHIJiChang of Lin Zhi airport
Airport code: LZY

Lin Zhi airport in October 2003 start working is built, change by national hair appoint with civil aviaton total bureau invests 780 million yuan jointly, fasten one of major project of the Xizang Autonomous Region, design year carry a passenger to measure 120 thousand person-time, fixed position is airport of branch line travel, will check and accept a working group to undertake complete check and accept to the airport on April 28 this year. Grade of division of flight of Lin Zhi airport is 4C class, track length 3 kilometers, wide (contain a shoulder) 60 meters, the biggest fall type is Boeing 757, aircraft parking area but at the same time park two this model plane. Altitude of airport of Lin Zhi Mi Lin 2949 meters, amount to the airport and 3570 meters Lhasa tribute under 4334 meters Chang Doubang airport, discharge in domestic civil airport the 5th. But this airport is located in region of river valley of Brahmaputra of ministry of Qinghai-Tibet Platean southeast, mountain of many meters of 4000 high mountain high that is enveloped by cloud and mist all the year round is all round, fall to be able to fly in narrow bent river valley only since the plane, flight channel is the narrowest two side ridge is less than office space gorge 4 kilometers; The airport is additionally much low clouds weather, wind direction is changeful accompany the disorder air current such as shear having wind, came at 14 o'clock everyday wind speed of period of time was added at 18 o'clock reach 27 meters / second, outclass Boeing 757 type 15 meters / the comfortable navigation mark of the second is accurate, the plane can be used only fall since hour in the morning, according to annual of airport of weather data statistic accumulative total of comfortable boat time is only 100 days.

Traffic: Lin Zhi airport is apart from Lhasa 400 much kilometer, distance Brahmaputra big gorge has the leg that 120 kilometer controls only.