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Multiply the pre-construction that travels by air
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After you decide to take a plane, should have done concerned preparative work, in order to make your know fairly well, enhance self-confident heart, reduce uneasy sense.

Above all, you should choose to sit what plane. The plane has all sorts of model not, you can carry sales agency of airline, airline ticket and travel agent, the engine that selects you to like is planted and airliner, say commonly, type is more advanced, the Yue Shu when taking is comfortable. Be like on airliner choice likely, had better select diurnal flight number, of course, the choice is conditional, some places that day or have a flight number a few days only, cannot choose, and if set out from Shanghai, because this airport has the much class of China International airline, Oriental airline, Shanghai airline only then the squad of classics suspend air or shipping service that sends airliner etc airline, choice leeway of the passenger is gotten greatly much.

Next, decide airline ticket is phyletic, you can choose first-class stateroom cabin, official cabin or tourist class. First class and official cabin seat are capacious and comfortable, mobile space is large, the service on machine is more considerate also, corresponding the price of a ticket is faster also, be tourist class fare 130 - 150 % . Although tourist class condition is a bit a few poorer, but fare is cheap, also can enjoy the service of air hostess enthusiasm. Wanting those who tell you is, the passenger's safety factor does not become direct proportion with the discretion of fare.  

The 3rd, choosing a place also is very essential, because the easy of it and passenger is concerned moderately. Generally speaking, the seat stability between wing and nose is better. If the passenger worries about the jolt that air current causes, had better not choose the place of tail so. If want to have bigger dimensional activity leg and foot, had better be platoon or the before buying a few seats that stand by lash-up exit. If like an activity, should choose take the place of passageway both sides, when feeling unwell, can stand at will or ambulate back and forth, unapt influence others; If fear altitude flight, had better not order the seat that stands by porthole. Contrary, if like to appreciate the view outside machine, want to master course circumstance at any time again, had better choose sit by the window. If choose a place, ask you to put forward to service personnel when changing boarding check.

Finally, you should decide the time that set out according to be apart from the far and near of the airport, should shift to an earlier date one hour to reach the airport at least. If arrive too early, the meeting because latency time is too long and in the heart anxious, go too late the likelihood is too brash, hurry-scurry, even by accident machine. When the airport waits to board the plane, can buy some fastfood or newspaper magazine, for you aboard is enjoyed.

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