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The International Airport receives a harbor flow
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International sets out: 1. Custom- ->2. Consign baggage, change the shop sign that register- ->3. Examine quarantine- - > 4. Frontier defence examination- ->5. Install full inspection- ->6. Await machine and board the plane

1. custom
If you have article to declare, take gules channel please, conduction customs procedures;

If do not have, take green channel please.
2. consigns baggage, change the shop sign that register
Ask you to reach your by airline ticket valid passport, visa is dealt with to bar of corresponding value opportunity seize the opportunity to consign formalities with baggage, the boarding check that get.

If what you multiply an airliner to will leave the country via stopping domestic other airport, ask you to be entered via safe examination from “S passageway ” await aircraft division to board the plane.

The detail seeks advice from value opportunity bar to serve personnel please.
3. examines quarantine
If you are to will go abroad one year the Chinese book passenger of above, valid healthy proof is indispensable;

If you are the passenger that will head for area of some epidemic disease, you should undertake necessary immunity prevents vaccinal have an inoculation.
4. frontier defence is checked
If you are foreign passenger, meet test please your valid passport, visa, leave the country the card that register, leave the country inside the time limit on effective entry visa.

If you are Chinese passenger (include) of resident of area of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, meet test please your effective passport certificate, visa, leave the country the card that register and the proof going abroad that signs and issue about the branch.
5. installs full inspection
Prepare certificate of ticket of boarding check, plane, valid passport and airport to build Fei Ping card ahead of schedule please, give safe censor is checked. For flight safety, the passenger must be passed from exploration door, baggage article beard is checked via X smooth machine, thank you cooperate.
6. is awaited machine and board the plane
You can board the plane according to what boarding check shows now catchword arrives to await aircraft division to rest accordingly await machine. Normally the circumstance falls, 40 minutes will be made an appointment with to begin to board the plane before the airliner takes off, ask advertent broadcast clew.

The need when boarding the plane shows boarding check, get ready ahead of schedule please.

Congratulation you, all boarding the plane formalities has done.

Young assistant:

Board the plane to ensure you are successful, suggest you reach boat station floor the latest in before the airliner takes off 1.5 hours, before the airliner takes off 30 minutes will stop to deal with seize the opportunity formalities (partial airline has a regulation additionally possibly to this time, please advertent airline ticket shows) ;
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