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Book airline ticket to want beware of to hit fold " tender "
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When buying airline ticket, the citizen should enquire ahead of schedule whether to include tax cost, in case airline ticket increases price suddenly. Ship company warns a citizen south, should beware of all sorts of “ that fold airline ticket in order to hit to be a name are tender trap ” .

The reporter learns from Na Hang, a lot of citizens do not know, price of domestic airline ticket besides price of airline ticket itself, still include fixed airport to build cost and fuel surtax. International passenger ticket still must pay warlike insurance premium and tax of leave a country, and individual tax cost follows a money possibly still the element such as intermediate price has small float. Accordingly, before the citizen is buying international airline ticket, it is clear to must enquire include the fact of add up to that a few duty expend above to pay the price, lest buy a ticket when because of oneself not know the inside story and be added temporarily by “ valence ” . Come with Shenyang Korea head Er (Seoul) course price is exemple, outside dividing airline ticket price, amount of one-way tax cost wants 300 multivariate, toward return duty cost amount wants 700 multivariate.

At present domestic airline ticket is hit folding is common phenomenon, and price of international airline ticket is relatively fixed. The international passenger ticket that home sells now all is the level sex that each airline makes according to market condition sale price, differentiate commonly according to passenger category, if cent is: Come loose commonly fare of ticket price, student studying abroad, service admission fee, 4 or fare of all sorts of special sales promotion that the fare of small group of 5 people above, fare such as 10 people above and airline provide temporarily; Still assign the short-term value such as price of price of the season that it is a peak, season price, smooth season and off-season price according to circumstance of aviation market passenger source, diverse line weak busy season differentiates endless also and identical; In addition the basis is outside the condition retention period accident, return cent to be 1 year, a variety of a 3 6 months, months, month, 15 the day admission fee that retention is restricted.

Current, distant Shenyang area has the sale agent of aviation passenger ticket that sells right of international airline ticket to be less than 30 in all, the citizen should choose dimensions the aviation booking office with big or good reputation, so that obtain detailed pertinent information. Cheng of domestic airline ticket going there and back is commonly one-way duple, and international airline ticket wants to compare toward return fare one-way and duple get less much. Because this wants you to predict to want to be returned inside a year only, according to time the plan buys airline ticket going there and back to must buy return trip petty gain again than arriving outside the condition; Additional, this locality is bought in different ground only then the airline ticket of hair should compare fare of this locality market commonly expensive, this each airline provision is general and same.
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