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Airport of De Hongmang city
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MANGSHIJiChang of airport of De Hongmang city
Airport code: LUM

Airport of De Hongmang city is an airport of border area branch line that has ethical distinguishing feature extremely, be located in dam of city of Xi Mang of De Hongzhou Lu, be apart from the urban district 6.5 kilometers, altitude 876 meters. The airport only then built 1937, ceng Qi has fallen C46 battleplan, C47 transport, the grounding of aircraft after the War of Resistance Against Japan wins is bedraggled. 1984, the desire of people of every nationality of entire administrative division of basis of De Hongzhou government, offerred the plan of airport of city of repair heart Hong Mang. Later, governmental much office plans market fund, overcome heavy difficulty, give an official of total bureau of Chinese civil aviation got in September 1988, of the same age in October break earth. Last a period of time 1 year 6 0 months, the airport built be open to navigation or air traffic on April 10, 1990, created the airport to establish a cost the miracle with little, rapid rate, for De Hongzhou economy development wearing removes the bridge in a path sky. Airport of De Hongmang city covers an area of a face to accumulate 2639.9 mus, track is 2200 meters long, grade is 3C, machine level ground can at the same time berth 3 Boeing 737—300 plane. Since be open to navigation or air traffic, the airport increases construction strength ceaselessly, deployed blind to fall system, complete mix to the beacon range finder, lamplight that aid boat Wu of advanced communication, navigation, atmosphere, machine, how check, carry wait for equipment, opened flight of night flight or navigation.

Traffic: Awn city airport is located in dam of city of De Hongzhou awn 6.5 kilometers locate southwest of town of city of mid, awn, can take a taxi to wait reach the urban district.