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That is pulled carry airport NalatiJiChang
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That is pulled carry the airport to be located in bottom of cereal of Yi Li river valley, the east of new source county 9 kilometers, airport grade is 4C class, track is 2300 meters long, 45 meters wide, area of machine level ground 20000 smooth rice, can ensure ATR and Boeing aircraft of 737 all series carries completely case fall. The airport is located in inside groove guard of nature of Western Paradise hill, be in the center of each scene area, 50 kilometers are in its the east of the prairie in be free call the world one of prairies of river valley of 4 big high mountains that is pulled carry a prairie, 150 kilometers are lake of swan of Lu Ke of Ba Yin cloth south, 70 kilometers are Tang Bu plays beauty spot and day bath hot spring in, kuerdening is west beauty spot, Xia Dagu path and prairie Shiren beauty spot. It is the travel distribution centre of each scene area. That pulls the economy that lifts the airport to will be Xinjiang and travel development to build the dominant position in having new air.

Traffic: That is pulled carry the airport to be located in Xinjiang Yi to plow ground of river valley cereal, be apart from new source county east place of about 9 axiom, be apart from area of scene of national AAAA class to be pulled then carry scene area to make an appointment with 50 kilometers, highway in order.