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Model of aircraft of series of Pang Badi CRJ introduces
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France is not listed special aviation CRJ-700

Jet aircraft of 90 class branch line, for CRJ-700 model lengthen, it is the biggest, newest member in CRJ series, on Feburary 21, 2001 head fly, in still checking at present, not official investment is used.

Basic data:


Standard type of CRJ900 of standard type of CRJ700 of project CRJ200 standard type
The ala is exhibited (rice) 21.21 23.2 23.2
Pilot (rice) 26.77 32.51 36.19
Machine is expensive (rice) 6.22 7.57 7.57
Standard cabin layout carries a passenger (person) 50 70 90
Hold cubage
(stere) 8.89 15.5 16.8
Business carries (ton) 5.4 8.5 10.2
Empty chance is serious (ton) 13.7 19.7 21.5
Capacity of the biggest gasoline tank (rise) 5300 11146 11146
The greatest takeoff gross weight (ton) 21.5 33.0 36.5
Speek of a ship or plane of the biggest round of drinks spends 860 kilometers / hour
Range (kilometer) 1825 3124 2778
Dynamical plant engine of two eddy fan

The engine of fan of CF34 series turbine of engine model General Electric Company
CF34-3B1 CF34-8C1 CF34-8C5
Engine thrust (pound) 9220 13790 14510

CRJ is in Chinese our country civil aviaton from begin to introduce CRJ series aircraft in last few years, end by October 2003, airline of chinese mainland area owns CRJ series aircraft 19
Among them, chinese Oriental airline: 6 CRJ200;
Shandong aviation: 8 CRJ200, 2 CRJ700;
Shanghai aviation: 3 CRJ200.

Additional, contain army colorific China to combine airline relatively own 5 CRJ-100/200 aircraft already.

Of area of Chinese Hong Kong in rich aviation has 2 CRJ200 model, as official machine.

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