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How to seize the opportunity after missing Id
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Issue date: [2005-8-18] is read in all [321] second   thinks by plane, id was lost however, how to do?

One, by oneself mechanism of public security of seat of registered permanent residence opens Id losing proof, full name, age, home address, date of expiration mentions expressly to wait in the proof, the photograph of near future without hat that sticks oneself builds official seal of public security mechanism.  

2, sign and issue mechanism of ground public security to issue by Id report the loss proof, proof content and the first in be narrated identical.  

3, carry him registered permanent residence this or the effective certificate that employee's card, recommendation can prove the identity with etc, to mechanism of civil aviaton public security (await in the airport have inside engine office be on duty place) application is opened board the plane temporarily proof. Because if was not carried in afore-mentioned effective certificate between nonlocal brigade date of departure, can seek advice to mechanism of public security of nearby civil aviaton solve.  

4, because small and Id is slippery, lose particularly easily in awaiting machine building to do the way of formalities, and once airport working personnel is collected can make the door of the Ministry of Public Security such as police station immediately, because this loses the comrade of certificate,might as well wait for concerned branch connection in time to search with airport police station.

Be worth what carry is, after you lose id card, should handle effective certificate in time, can look for mechanism of civil aviaton public security to talk things over directly even, but must not practise fraud uses false certificate. Be careful, clever turn over by clever by accident, the well-trained personnel that install check each piercing eye, be impassable with the person that make a holiday only. If be used by fish other certificate, alter, forge certificate, it is to confiscate not just, and cancel to seize the opportunity even qualification, hand in lawfully punish by mechanism of civil aviaton public security