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Electronic passenger ticket, convenient and quick.
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According to national tax Wu total bureau, civil aviaton total bureau sets (duty delivers the state [2006]39 date) , use since June 1, 2006 " stroke of passenger ticket of aviation carriage electron is single " (the following abbreviation " the stroke is single " ) serve as what the passenger buys electronic passenger ticket to submit an expense account proof. " the stroke is single " have bill quality, but not be to be in the airport to deal with seize the opportunity formalities and the evidence that safety examines. After the passenger buys electronic passenger ticket, need only by oneself effective certificate (testimony of Id, passport, officer) can be in the airport hold machine bar is dealt with board the plane formalities gets boarding check, hold effective certificate and boarding check to board the plane through installing check next.

Ask special attention:
1, " the stroke is single " employ one person one ticket, cannot repeat print, lose do not fill. The passenger can take off in the airliner before or the immanent airline ticket of 7 days after taking off sells the land or counter of service of airport electron passenger ticket is gotten " the stroke is single " (the for the moment of bar of electronic passenger ticket that has individual airport at present is not offerred print " the stroke is single " service) . If this airline ticket was not used, can print inside a year of period of efficacy " the stroke is single " .

2, if receive return a ticket, change the date, flight number incur loss through delay or cancel to wait for a circumstance, if the passenger has obtained those who had printed " the stroke is single " , need to hand in its time rear can deal with concerned formalities (special provision is like Hai Hang, Shanghai Airline usually " the stroke is single " lose do not grant to deal with return a ticket) .

3, if meet the condition such as litre of cabin, the passenger can ask to deal with by its in airport airline bar.
Appropriate of passenger of my company proposal has kept oneself " the stroke is single " . If do not have special situation, piece need not carry when travel, lose in case. After the passenger also can need to take off in the airliner according to his 7 print in the day " the stroke is single " do submit an expense account of the proof with.

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