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The advantage of electronic airline ticket.
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Discount of 1. airline ticket is small fall. Electronic airline ticket is more managing than paper airline ticket the cost of 90% above, this rolled out low discount airline ticket to provide a space further for airline.

2. False airline ticket disappears. As a result of electronic airline ticket " aeriform " characteristic, all sorts of paper quality false airline ticket will not live. Airline ticket information can inquire by date of electronic airline ticket after buying a ticket (include fare of date of passenger full name, certificate, detailed journey, airline ticket to wait)

3. Need not fear airline ticket is missing. Cost after paper airline ticket is missing and program of trival report the loss of sth will not appear on body of electronic airline ticket, the staff member can extract electronic airline ticket at any time, examine airline ticket information.

4. a piece of Id can seize the opportunity. You buy a ticket in our company after the success, seize the opportunity to arrive that day hold machine bar produces effective identity document directly, the staff member can collect the airliner information that orders to you by certificate information, help you deal with board the plane formalities.

5. But different ground buys a ticket. Be in Beijing personally for instance the special offer airline ticket that you want to buy our company, need to offer only seize the opportunity to the person's full name and the effective certificate number that you use can buy electronic airline ticket and pay a ticket the money, give ticket hind to be able to inquire your airline ticket information at any time by date of electronic passenger ticket.

6. is retreated change an autograph to go to the lavatory. No matter you are in where, if the journey has,change to want a phone only (beard newspaper seizes the opportunity person certificate date) , personnel meets our customer service be you to retreat according to airline regulation immediately change airline ticket.
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