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What should the baby notice by plane?
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Take a plane to go out to go to the lavatory already all right quick, but the child's resistance and comfortable stress are far be inferior to growing up. Generally speaking, airline regulation baby must be born just can board the plane after 14 days completely, lest respirator official cannot get used to baby. In principle, new student in be born the plane is reached not to have any limitation after a month completely. So, take darling to seize the opportunity to travel after all what to problem should note? How is ability accomplished already safe comfortable?

The choice arrives directly at an airliner: Take off and descend can saying is the hour that the baby gets used to the hardest. The urgent hurriedly of pressure changes, the pressure of pipeline inside and outside that often creates guttural and direct eardrum is lopsided. Clearly, the number of rise and fall that reduces a plane also reduced the child's risk factor. Accordingly, best choice can arrive directly at the airliner of destination.

In addition, aboard reduces infantile unwell best method is to let him (she) suck nipple or drink water with feeder, the pressure of air of inside and outside that will balance pipeline with absorb. If do not have nipple, also can let the child what a sugar is contained in the mouth or drink, also can reduce so unwell. The air inside engine room is dry, should wipe some of baby oil for the child moist skin, and often be inside nostril nod one, two physiological saline, lest excessive dry impetuous causes the ache inside bazoo to shed nosebleed even.

Preparation is adequate two days of used napkin and dress: The friend that often seizes the opportunity to go out can tell you, airline also can have now and then missing or the thing of jumble baggage happens. Your scarcely thought of destination looks for the diaper that is less than the child and dress however. So best at hand is taken more some, lest temporarily find oneself at a loss. Such, when airline searchs baggage for you, you also won't feel no-go, won't to buy the requisite of and so on of the dress, diaper to the child be in a hurry.

Go up less in top box as far as possible set a heavy thing: When turbulence appears, the clog on top box can fall down very likely, break the passenger below. Had better not be in so draw near the upper part of child place sets a heavy thing.

Fasten good safety belt: In the flight, turbulence may happen at any time. If do not fasten good safety belt, there is the child again in the bosom, when turbulence comes suddenly, powerful impulsive force can make you are pressing the child probably, perhaps throw the child on the ground. Board the plane so after seating, what should do above all is good safety belt namely. Accurate method is: Pull safety belt level off first, had fastened on him body next, ultimate reply tightens darling. Remember please, your both hands is darling the most comfortable and it is the safest safety belt.
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