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What is electronic airline ticket?
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Electronic airline ticket is the electronic form of paper airline ticket, electronic passenger ticket is in par information memory in revising a system, can implement a bill like paper ticket, become invalid, return a ticket, change, change turn the operation such as the autograph. Current, it regards the most advanced passenger ticket on the world as the form, rely on contemporary IT, implementation is changed without paper, the electron changes order ticket, checkout and deal with seize the opportunity the whole process such as formalities, bring to the passenger a lot of advantage and reduce cost for airline.
The guest buys ticket hind to conduct boarding check by effective certificate in the airport directly, hold effect certificate and boarding check board the plane directly through installing check.
Effective certificate is to point to: Card of dweller Id, soldier / the other that card of card of officer testimony, valid passport, return to one's native place, comptatriots of Taiwan, resident card or public security mechanism produce is effective identity document.
After go up in the net or electronic airline ticket is booked on the mobile phone, must undertake inside formulary time online pay, if pay not in time, civil aviaton orders a system to will cancel the airline ticket that orders, after paying a success, civil aviaton orders a system to just can give a bill.
Paper airline ticket is beardless and online pay to be able to be finished book, personnel meets customer service be contacted in about 1 hour of less than and you.
Because at present a few special bank notes of airline are mixed airline ticket of certain boat on-line, the form that still can adopt paper airline ticket only undertakes buying, particular case should inquire the regulation of relevant airline.

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