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By plane note
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By plane note

1 , by plane when, should notice the flight is safe, button safety belt, do not take risk or combustible article, do not rise in the plane the relevant electron things such as portable mobile telephone is used during falling.

2, prevent airsick. Airsick vomiting is balancer official disorder, the body gets used to poorer cause, take in before boarding the plane 15 minutes commonly some prevent carsick boat medicine to be able to not have a thing in safety. Have serious and airsick patient, if can adopt,relieve airsick symptom: The head before seizing the opportunity Morpheus rests a day night should assure enough; Before answering to take off in the plane 1 hour, also should shift to an earlier date half hours at least profess to convinced is airsick peaceful. Choose as far as possible be apart from engine further the seat that stands by a window again, can decrease noise and enlarge eye shot. Return the business that can do some of prescind force, if read a book, chat, listen to music to wait. Maintain a space directional it is very important. The line of sight all should be put far, see the cloud of far and mountain range, river, do not see the cloud of vicinity. Discover Zun Lin is right the fare that abandon, evidence wants vomiting to should leave the scene instantly, escape line of sight, because the condition reflexes the vomitive sense that creates,prevent.

3, unwell feeling appears when taking a plane to avoid to be in, had better not eat too fully, lest impose heavy heart and the burden that blood circulates, and cause disgusting, vomiting, airsick etc. And should little edible much fiber and the food that produce gas easily, because human body is in the gas inside 5000 meters of headroom, body relatively increase when the ground double, if eat this kind of food, cover tightly with respect to can aggravating bosom when the flight abdominal distension feeling.

4, the patient of some diseases is unfavorable by plane: By the cerebral ill patient that thrombus or haemorrhage cause, do not want absolutely by plane; Spend cerebral concussion patient again due specialized subject doctor is followed go and adopt be on guard effectively measure; Spend patient of cerebral shake soup gently to should take some of anodyne; The old people that suffers from hemal sclerosis can take a few tranquillizer before board the plane; The cold sheds the patient that tears and n&v snuffle are illogical to had better not take a plane, because pharynx rouses a canal,block has the risk of tympanic perforation. Because the plane takes off, descend, rise, drop, turn, the change of the flight attitude such as jolt, and the airliner is traversinging the rapid change of light and shade of line of cloud layer time, can provoke the have a fit of anger of these diseases.

5, if have side frowsty, ear the symptom such as heavy, otalgia, one of significant step of precaution are ceaselessly ask for a favor and deglutition; Another method is to chew a few dried fruit, or chewing gum makes pharynx rouses a canal to often leave. Chew eating is tympanitis of precautionary aviation sex the most efficient way, also be the step that makes a person relaxed and happy most.
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