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Course of hour of regular bus of Jinan civil aviaton
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Regular bus of Jinan civil aviaton only then Yu Quansen of horn of southwest of square of the town that deliver a spring believes a hotel 06: 00-18: 00 horary mouth of the highroad of hill of way of time of direct peace stops next classics 10 east road punishment village stands give in high speed to arrive directly at the airport 20 yuan / the person reachs the urban district from the airport as long as the plane has regular bus

The regular bus between Jinan airport and station of through traffic of car of Jinan railway station debuts formally a few days ago, everyday the passenger car going there and back of 14 orders is convenient passenger between the airport and railway station change.

It is reported, stand from through traffic of car of Jinan railway station only then the regular bus of hair, daily came at 6 o'clock every integral point carried out at 19 o'clock, moving circuitry is provisional for: Through traffic of car of Jinan railway station stands only then classics of the edge that send a car all the way green high speed of outer shroud of road of north of the 6 road, hill that do not have a shadow, north, aid reachs westing classics abb the airport. The airport only then hair regular bus, daily by above circuitry former road is returned before 19 o'clock, stand by Xing Cun after 19 o'clock hand in classics classics 10 east cafe of garden of 10 road, summer arrives at road, classics Jinan railway station.

Current, the one-way fare that takes this one regular bus is 20 yuan, time of drive a vehicle about 40 minutes.

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