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Airline ticket of Jinan special offer books notice
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Airline ticket of Jinan special offer books notice:
The place after condition of 1. your choice lists an airliner to be the total flight number that accords with a condition, give a ticket finally to will give you to think to allow really with net of Shandong airline ticket
Airline ticket of 2. special offer because ticket number is limited, so bill of the special offer on unwarrantable all net can give a bill, think to allow really with net of Shandong airline ticket please
Order of airline ticket of 3. special offer handles time: 09:00- - 17:00, holiday rests, exceed 17:00 order will be handled in the 2nd weekday
The fare on 4. net does not contain the surtax of airport tax and collection of other airline demand, the price asks all airline ticket to be in order to give the real value when the ticket accurate
5. asks you to leave right connection kind, so that airline ticket is booked member can in time contact with you, because connection information is incorrect,be like, this order will be regarded as to disable cancel to handle
6. can board the plane smoothly for you, must use board the plane effective certificate of the person and certificate submit order form with the name, if book full name and certificate full name abhorrent (if English name is on certificate, and refer order to wait with Chinese character name) will not board the plane, the loss that causes by book person proper motion to assume
7. is not referred please repeat order (same board the plane when the person is same paragraph of order of two pieces of above) , if repeat order to bring about because of referring,repeat a ticket, the money of return a ticket that produces will by book person sum to assume
Return a ticket of 8. airline ticket, lot turns will have different regulation according to different airline, different cabin seat or berth, If revise,give ticket hind, the lot turns, place of return a ticket produces cost by book person sum to assume
If 9. user has special service demand, be likeApplication accompanies cradle of children, baby, wheelchair, litter without the adult, blind service, deaf-mute passenger waits for a service, can multiply in place directly only airline applies for and buy a ticket by the price of airline, deal with concerned formalities at the same time, the price on the net does not apply to above to have the guest that special service asks.
10. passenger deals with return a ticket to hold airline ticket and original bill to arrive to be dealt with here please. If be not him passenger, the id card that still needs to have this guest or passport regard accredit as the proof. When return a ticket, need to deduct corresponding expense according to airline regulation.
Shandong Jinan hits fold airline ticket to book ticket of plane of Jinan special offer, center of Wu of ticket of price inquiry Shandong:
Price of Jinan airline ticket inquires Jinan is hit fold airline ticket of Jinan of airline ticket of special offer of airline ticket Jinan to book---All be in Shandong airline ticket net! Http://www.sdjp.com.cn
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