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A fabled abode of immortals grows an island " Yu Jiale " swim 3 days 0531-866222
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A fabled abode of immortals grows an island " Yu Jiale " swim 3 days The journey: D1, early 7: 00 stations take air conditioning bus to go to a fabled abode of immortals, (Chinese meal provide for oneself) , enter fishing home into the island by ship. Enter fishing home into the island by ship.. Dinner) old fishing home D2, rise early sunrise of view Yellow Sea (can arrange by oneself) , collect hill, sea, island, reef, beach, cliff, cave is visited after breakfast at an organic wholePark of cliff of 9 a unit of length; Visit twinkle the ball stone world of move bead Guang BaoqiPark of half moon bay, chinese meal hind is visitedArea of area of elfland source scene, Wang Fujiao scene. (early Chinese meal) old fishing home Natural green oxygen is visited after D3, breakfast"Immense forest park "(watch boundary of Yellow Sea, Bohai Sea and large and wind- driven generation set, 369 step) , Area of beacon hill scene. Lunch hind returns benefit, end happy journey. (early Chinese meal) Quote: 350 yuan / person Recieve a standard: Car of air conditioning of travel going there and back; World of fishing home 3-5; 2 early 3 (10 people one desk 8 dish one soup) ; Place row tourist attraction is the biggest entrance ticket; Excellent guidebook serves; Fix equipment: 1. children pays now 2. If testimony of guest hold officer, tourist guide card, old age retires card the effective certificate such as 70 above, the tourist guide returns price difference of guest entrance ticket. 3. Do not contain travel accident nearly-- -- -- --Travel agent of Shandong high speed travel agent of international of Qingdao of group of · Shandong high speed★ -- -- -- -- License number: L-SD-GN18033 Contact: Liu Hong Weiyong field Address: Date of?21 of Qu of ancient wine vessel of  of fawn on bright discharge (old east on door people bazaar) 320 roomsMSN: 8938137@hotmaIl.com Phone: 0531-86622200 13375315757 fax: 86598775 Greeting incoming telegram seeks advice, 0531-86622200 13375315757
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