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Passenger of tourist class of the civil aviaton since May 1 is restricted to car
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Carry safety and successful ground to undertake to ensure aviation, civil aviation bureau expresses today, since May 1, carry out a passenger strictly on domestic flight number to carry article the regulation of several, hold the passenger of passenger ticket of first-class stateroom cabin, everybody can carry two article; Hold the passenger of official cabin or tourist class passenger ticket, everybody can carry an article only. The bulk of every article all must not exceed 20 × 40 × 55 centimeters, two afore-mentioned gross weight all must not exceed 5 kilograms. Set the restriction of a number, weight or bulk more than, should serve as by the regulation consign baggage.

Civil aviaton reminds a passenger about the branch, the preparation that consigns baggage has been done to work ahead of schedule when taking a plane, lest journey of incur loss through delay.

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