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Men hard to set the name wrong refund airline tickets: Da Zhepiao rebate
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Set the discount tickets, get tickets only to find the name wrong, like a refund, but was told airline discount tickets refunded. Mbayu said he was commissioned by the evening of 14 staff on behalf of the hotel booked a 22 Xian - Urumqi, discount air tickets. Point yesterday, officers will be booking tickets delivered, Mbayu found the name on the ticket does not match with the ID card. Mbayu negotiate through the booking point and refund issues China Southern, China Southern said the discounted tickets can not be returned. Booking point, said Mr. Liu of staff, set ticket is Da Zhepiao Mbayu, 620 yuan, while tickets at full price of 2050 yuan. For special fares, the provisions of different airlines, some 20% refund, while others are not refundable. After negotiations, China Southern is willing to Mbayu for full refund matters. Liu reminds travelers book flights must be accurate name checked.